Extraterrestrial Life, Does It Really Exist?

Extraterrestrial Life, Does It Really Exist?

Thinking about extraterrestrial life leaves many of us wondering whether humanity is really alone considering the size of the universe.  The truth of the matter is that we have only seriously been looking for the last few decades on whether or not there is extraterrestrial life. That timeframe is certainly not sufficient when you consider the expanse of our universe. If truth be told, humanity has only just begun scratching the surface of this complex matter. It has only been about 50 years since we began to actually focus on finding answers to this universal question. We may have to wait another 50 years or so before we acquire the kind of evidence that could satisfy everyone, skeptics included.

Basically, we have only employed extremely rudimentary methods and instruments. With every passing year, however, we do develop stronger instruments that reveal things we had not seen before. Where we previously saw a forest, we can now see individual trees with their branches and leaves becoming clearer. After using telescopes, we have now moved on to laser and radio frequencies that we hope will help us make out life forms in other distant planets. For us to completely fathom the goings on with other planets, we must train our heads to realize that our minds must be opened just a little further to get what we are seeking.

In order for the human mind to completely appreciate extraterrestrial life, we must exercise patience and realize that our knowledge right now is still limited to an extent even after all that we have already discovered. Take an example of what computers are able to do with each passing day. Feats that looked impossible a few years back are now considered child’s play thanks to the revolution in information technology.  Whether we are becoming more intelligent or simply discovering the use of our erstwhile idle minds is neither here nor there. The truth of the matter is that with each passing year we discover more stuff than we can really intellectually handle.

Just as computers leave us to marvel at the future possibilities of technology, we must agree that there is still so much we have yet to discover regarding extraterrestrial life. That humility of mind should prevent us from making hard conclusions about the universe before we’ve had sufficient time to process all the new discoveries.

Just a few hundred years ago many scientists and philosophers were executed by going contrary to the norm of the day and suggesting that the world was actually round and not flat. Even the dominant religion of that day strongly called these learned men heretics and condemned them to burning at the stake. Many years later, we now wonder how governments & organizations could be so ignorant of what they didn’t and we don’t understand.

The subject of extraterrestrial life must be faced with an open mind because apart from other possibilities, there is overwhelming evidence that seems to point to the fact that extraterrestrial life does exist. If our generation does not come up with conclusive answers, then we must lay the foundation for the next one or two generations to come up with those conclusions regarding this interesting subject. Extraterrestrial life is a real possibility, and simply because we have not cracked the code, we should not lock out of the room those with the zeal to bring hard evidence to fruition.

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