Don’t Confuse Space Station with Latest UFO sightings

Don’t Confuse Space Station with Latest UFO sightings

Many people hear about the latest UFO sightings and begin looking to the skies to try to witness UFOs. It is important to be cautious because in certain conditions it is possible to see satellites and the International Space Station when looking into the night sky.

NASA has an informational website called the SkyWatch guide so that enthusiasts can determine just when NASA spacecraft will be passing over an area.

Satellites will be small, extremely fast moving lights while the International Space Station will be a very visible bright light in the sky. Typically, a NASA sighting will follow a west to east path with any craft showing up on the west horizon and moving within a few minutes eastward.

The SkyWatch guide program can determine when a sighting of NASA spacecraft or the International Space Station will take place anywhere in the world. All the program needs is location in order to retrieve dates, times and visibility.

For those living in the United States, there is a list of major cities available to see when the next sighting will take place or zip codes can be input. There is also an applet available to pinpoint exact locations in order to get more accurate information or longitude and latitude can be manually entered as well.

A great educational opportunity for kids and adults alike, simply visit the NASA site at:

While it is important to witness and gain credible evidence about the latest UFO sightings, it is even more important to know when man made objects, whether NASA or military, will be in any location so as not to confuse or create hype over explainable phenomena in our skies.

The NASA SkyWatch guide can help all UFO enthusiasts in determining if that last flashing light just spotted was actually one of NASA’s or potentially a UFO of extraterrestrial origin.

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  1. Bob UFO Report

    It just floated past my house, i was about to call the cops and report a UFO but now i wont 🙂


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