UFO Sightings Began as Early as the 17th Century

UFO Sightings Began as Early as the 17th Century

UFO Sightings were recorded in ancient cave drawings from as far back as 8000 B.C.E., but actual documented evidence did not truly begin until the 1600s. In our modern age when people talk about UFO sightings, most will pretty much relate these objects with alien visitors to this planet rather than just mysterious lights in the sky or government spy planes.

Thousands of eyewitnesses have reported encounters with UFOs of possible alien origin. Many of these stories are met with distrust and skepticism as the general public has been trained to believe anything not explainable by our government or science must not be true or credible. Unfortunately, our society has perpetuated the myth that those who encounter UFOs or aliens must need some sort of mental intervention. Curiously, however, since the 17th century some of the most respected scientists and researchers have claimed to have UFO sightings.

UFO Sightings

Astronomer reports UFO Sighting

One of the key astronomers and mathematicians during the Scientific Revolution of the 1700s, Johannes Kepler, reported a UFO sighting on November 17, 1623.

“A burning globe appeared at sunset…It was visible in different places all over Germany. In Austria, it is affirmed a sound of cracking or crushing came from it, as if from a thunderbolt, which, however, I take to be groundless.”

UFO Sightings

French Scientist Claims to See UFOs

Another reporter of UFO Sightings was Charles Messier. This French astronomer was famous for cataloging nebulae and star clusters. He reported seeing many dark, disc shaped spots in the sky on June 17, 1777. In his log book he wrote, “They were large and swift and they were ships, yet like bells.”

Other famous scientific minds that believed in extraterrestrial UFOs include Frederick William Herschel, Seymour Hess and Charles Moore. Even Einstein himself believed that we are not alone in this universe. Certainly, if the greatest minds in science, astronomy and math believed in UFOs and extraterrestrials, then should we so easily discount the stories of modern day eyewitnesses to this phenomenon?

Surely the idea that some of these UFO sightings are due to secret government testing of advanced technology is a valid explanation, however, with recent disclosures by retired and ex-military concerning the government’s supposed cover-up of alien spacecraft and visitors, society needs to look much deeper at the claims made by those who have encountered these objects.

With the increase in UFO sightings today and the ability to capture them on cell phone cameras and camcorders, the potential to authenticate and validate these recordings is much greater than any other time in history. Even our mainstream media is beginning to pay attention. So with evidence being made available to prove the existence of alien UFOs on the horizon, our society will need to seriously consider whether extraterrestrial aliens exist.


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