Most alien abduction stories seem quite surreal and unbelievable to those just learning about this paranormal experience. Despite how fantastical the alien abduction stories may seem, however, the truth is that there are many credible eyewitness encounters by normal, everyday people that simply cannot be dismissed based on skeptical unbelief.

For anyone who has actually read or heard someone speak about an alien abduction encounter from real personal experience, there is a certain authenticity and genuineness about these peoples’ experiences and feelings that can make even the most critical of us question whether these alien abduction stories may, in fact, be real.

Certainly those who already believe in the idea of aliens and UFOs visiting our planet do not have any issue in accepting alien abduction stories as part of the reality of human existence. When people first experience alien abduction they say that after the initial shock, extreme terror takes hold along with an inability to speak or move. If they are one of the lucky ones, the particular alien abductor might give a tour of the UFO or even offer information or warnings about what the future holds for mankind. For those abducted by the Reptilians or “bad aliens,” their stories are nightmarish and horrifying to hear.

Ultimately, many past alien abduction encounters end with witnesses not remembering exactly what occurred, losing time and then taking years to remember under extensive hypnosis therapy or dream analysis. When they do try to come forward to friends and family about their experiences, many are shunned, laughed at or made to feel crazy.

No one can truly answer for another person’s experiences so it is a shame that so many with valid stories never receive the support that they need or deserve. Probably many stories go untold for that very reason.
So if the alien abduction stories are real, what would you do if you were abducted by aliens?