Chilean Navy Releases Groundbreaking UFO Video

Chilean Navy Releases Groundbreaking UFO Video

Transcript of Video:

What’s up guys? Welcome back to UFO News. This next video has just been released by the Chilean government. It was filmed back in 2014 and just recently appeared on Huffington Post.

What you’re looking at is a video shot from a helicopter using an infrared camera which is able to pickup frequencies of light that you can’t see with the human eye.

Now these pilots track this object for quite some time, and they switch between daytime and infrared modes several times throughout the video.

But the most interesting part of this entire sighting is the really strange behavior this object exhibits towards the end of the video.

Take a look. I bet you weren’t expecting that to happen and honestly, neither was I.

I have never seen a UFO leave any type of a chemtrail, or a smoke trail, because UFOs have long been theorized to operate using different propulsion systems.

So you don’t expect them to have an exhaust. So what this thing is laying down in the sky and for what reason, is a complete mystery to me.

But it is definitely one of the most interesting pieces of footage that I think I’ve ever seen.

The high quality video, the testimony of the pilots, The fact that it was filmed in infrared as well as daylight camera is all very impressive.

If you guys have an idea of what you think this smokescreen might be please let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching UFO News and I’ll catch you on the next video..

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