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Latest UFO News of Ancient Chinese UFO Alien Carving Exposed

The latest UFO news circulating the internet concerns a supposed alien carving discovered in China. The ancient UFO news story was reported by Michael Cohen of Apparently a few days ago Chinese scientists announced the discovery of what they are calling a carving of an ancient alien astronaut and UFO found in an archaeological site in the Guanxi and Guangdong region.

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Unexplained Phenomena of the Brain, UFOs and even Bigfoot

Unexplained phenomena occur almost on a daily basis. The term covers a topic so large it is hard to know where to begin. From Bigfoot to the human brain, science has been unable to explain some of the weirdest and most extraordinary phenomena to ever take place during the history of mankind. Take a journey with me as I walk you through some of the strangest and most eluding unexplained phenomena to date.

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