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Proof those Aliens Do Exist

Today, debates whether aliens exist still continue. Most skeptical people ask for solid proof such as a living, breathing alien itself. Indeed, the universe is very vast to be able to pinpoint a certain spot where aliens live; but likewise, due to the universe’s enormous size, we can never definitively state that aliens do not exist.

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What if Aliens Exist?

I know the topic of whether aliens exist or not is consistently hotly debated by everyday people and a variety of scientists on a daily basis. Most people either hold a religiously strong conviction that either aliens do or do not exist. Speaking my views on this subject would seem rather redundant at this point in time. I would like to breach a different side of the issue — an avenue that is generally only pursued by science fiction authors and entertainment producers. What if aliens already existed?

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Witnessed Alien Sightings?

Unlike UFO encounters, alien sightings are few and far between. There is little to no visual evidence to prove this type of encounter. Most who claim alien sightings also tell a story about a physical abduction and anal probe. The majority of these storytellers are typically labeled clinically insane and sent on their way. If you were to create a folder and scour the earth looking for any kind of potential evidence backing up claims of alien sightings, there would still be much to be desired. Add on all the obvious hoaxes and practical jokes that are out there involving alien sightings, and you would be left not only with a fairly empty folder but a massive migraine to boot.

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