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Are Aliens Living On Earth?

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence has continued for over one hundred years. As early as 1896, Nicola Tesla began searching for radio signals from other planets. The search, known as SETI, has been conducted by various scientists all over the world. All acting independently yet co-operating to get the best results. But in 2016, it seemed SETI’s efforts may be misdirected. A former official in the Chinese government announced that aliens are living among us, and authorities know it. Nearly half of the Chinese population believes in the existence of aliens. China boasts the highest number of UFO organisations...

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Insane Video of Triangle UFO Flying over Texas is the Best One Yet

Insane Video of Triangle UFO Flying over Texas is the Best One Yet by UFOholic A team of UFO enthusiasts have managed to film one of the best videos of the enigmatic triangle UFO. The sighting took place in Longview, Texas on October 26, 2015, at approximately P.M. When the witnesses saw the triangular craft quietly gliding above Texas neighborhoods, unaware to the masses, they immediately knew they had to film it. One and a half minutes into the video, another triangular UFO made a silent entry into the picture and when they slowly distanced themselves, the guys filming...

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UFOs Over Garrett Mountain [One Of The Best Witness Reactions]

What’s up guys? Welcome back to UFO News. This next video was sent in by YouTube user Tecki TecKnowledge. Filmed over New Jersey on New Year’s Eve. Take a look. [Witness] Oh, there’s another one! Right there! It looks like it’s coming this way. That’s some scary shit man. Do you see that? This is crazy. There’s more! Woah! [astonished] I think they are coming over this way. It’s moving into a triangle. Do you see that? They’re like fireballs. Whaaaaaaattttt? They’re yellow, like fireballs. What in the world is that? Yo, this is crazy. And they stopped moving....

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Top 10 Cases of Alien Abduction

Fact bits Presents Top 10 Cases of Alien abduction #10 – Robert Taylor Incident On November 9, 1979, Robert Taylor, a forestry worker encountered a flying spherical object while he was in duty in Dechmont Woods in Livingston, Scotland. The flying object seized him and tried to pull him aboard when he lost his consciousness. He later awoke and the objects were gone. His clothes were torn and with grazes to his chin and thighs. Later police found “ladder-shaped marks” in the ground where Taylor sawed the large spherical object and other marks did not match any of the...

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