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Aliens Exist Study #2 – The Reptilians

In our first aliens exist study #1, the Grey Alien species was discussed. Another well known alien race is the Reptilian alien otherwise known as Reptilians. Alien enthusiasts theorize that there are two forms of this species. One form of Reptilian has resided on Planet Earth since ancient times living in underground dwellings and cave systems throughout the world. For clarity, this Reptilian is also called a Reptoid to differentiate from the other species of Reptilian that comes from the constellation Draco and is hostile to the inhabitants of our planet.

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Aliens Exist Study #1 – The Grey Alien

The Grey alien is probably one of the better known alien types due to the fact that most abductee reports contain similar information describing their characteristics. Also, Sci Fi books and movies pretty much use this alien for characters viewed by the general public so we’ve all become very familiar with them.

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Have you been Abducted by Aliens?

With the hundreds and thousands of people who have experienced some sort of sighting or encounter, it is hard to dismiss the claims of alien abductions as just a fantasy or illness. There seems to be compelling evidence that our planet is being visited by alien beings, and these beings are interacting with our society frequently.

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