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UFO Crash Hits Wind Turbine in Lincolnshire

In this part of Lincolnshire, the skyline is dotted with huge wind turbines, but today one of them isn’t turning. People who live nearby say that it was hit by a UFO. Residents remember being woken in the early hours of Sunday morning by a huge crash, and when the sun came up, one of the turbines was bent and broken. That came after several witnesses reported glowing spheres in the sky earlier the same night. “I just suddenly saw this light appear in front of us, and it just seemed to whiz sort of across the sky towards...

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Mysterious Creature Found After UFO Sighting in California

Transcript of Video: Hey guys. What’s going on. For Complex News, I’m Tamara Dhia. Over the weekend, California residents and the internet went into a frenzy when a mysterious light appeared in the sky. Authorities explained via Twitter that the mysterious light in the sky was the result of missile launches. Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through JWA tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast. Military exercises off of Catalina Island. Lights and lasers can be seen from beach to coastline. No need to call 911. While a lot of us were looking like...

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Return Of The Phoenix Lights? Scared Witness Freaks Out During UFO Sighting – Japan

Video Transcript: What’s up guys? Welcome to UFO News. Our next video showcases a very strange set of lights that were hanging in the sky above this warehouse. The witness began to record this event and you can hear the amazement and excitement in their voices when a second set of lights appears next to it. Take a look. [Screaming] [Screaming] [Screaming] At one point in this video, one of the people are so freaked out you can tell that their fight or flight response is kicking in. She is genuinely scared and frightened about what she’s seeing. We’re...

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Chilean Navy Releases Groundbreaking UFO Video

Transcript of Video: What’s up guys? Welcome back to UFO News. This next video has just been released by the Chilean government. It was filmed back in 2014 and just recently appeared on Huffington Post. What you’re looking at is a video shot from a helicopter using an infrared camera which is able to pickup frequencies of light that you can’t see with the human eye. Now these pilots track this object for quite some time, and they switch between daytime and infrared modes several times throughout the video. But the most interesting part of this entire sighting is...

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Are Aliens Living On Earth?

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence has continued for over one hundred years. As early as 1896, Nicola Tesla began searching for radio signals from other planets. The search, known as SETI, has been conducted by various scientists all over the world. All acting independently yet co-operating to get the best results. But in 2016, it seemed SETI’s efforts may be misdirected. A former official in the Chinese government announced that aliens are living among us, and authorities know it. Nearly half of the Chinese population believes in the existence of aliens. China boasts the highest number of UFO organisations...

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