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SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS REVEALS STRANGE ANOMALIES ON ALIEN ABDUCTION SITE! People around the world are getting accustomed to the idea of aliens visiting Earth with more and more believers. There are several UFO sightings per year and many aren’t surprised whenever a new picture or footage emerges. But much less probable than spotting an Unidentified flying object, at least one that resembles a spaceship from another world, is an actual alien abduction. One of the most famous alien abduction cases in history is ‘The Travis Walton abduction’. It happened on November 5, 1975, in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Travis Walton...

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10 Ancient Pictures of UFOs & Aliens

HYBRID LIBRARIAN Presents … 10 ANCIENT IMAGES OF ALIENS AND UFOs It is still the common belief that UFOs and aliens began to be reported in World War II, but ancient drawings of creatures and strange objects discovered in the world seem to refute this notion.   NACHDENCKLICH-DREYFACHES WUNDER-ZEICHEN / 1697 On November 4, 1697, a strange phenomenon supposedly occurred in Hamburg, Germany where “big and bright wheels” appeared in the sky to the astonishment of the crowd gathered there. An article with 3 images was published based on witness testimonies. It showed 2 round objects floating in the...

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Hard Evidence of Alien Abduction Collected By Former Military Officer

Time to reveal the poll results of one of my previous videos “Evidence Planet Proxima Centauri B Supports life”. “Can we find life on Proxima Centauri B?” 78 percent said yes 21% said no we can’t find live on Proxima Centauri B Of the total 23 responses Do we have hardcore evidence of alien abduction or is this a marketing stunt of the disney network owned History channel, you decide? Former military officer, Derrel Sims, claims to have collecting alien implants left behind at victims of alien abductions, tells the American channel History. During the investigations he find burn...

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Reader Report of Possible Alien Implant & Encounter in Canada

A recent visitor to our site, Eric, reported his experience with lost time and possible alien implant and abduction. Although the metallic object went missing, this isn’t the first report of tracking implants in alien abductees. Read Eric’s encounter below and then let us know what you think about reports of aliens implanting devices in abductees for tracking. We’ve also posted additional related resources about alien implants below including 2 videos: one which seems to indicate that alien implants are real, and the other which presents an opposing view point that implant devices are man-made. Alien Implant and Abduction...

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