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Mass UFO Sighting Phoenix Arizona August 2017

STUNNING VIDEO OF MASS UFO SIGHTING THAT TOOK PLACE IN PHOENIX AUG 18 2017 BY JOE MARTINO An incredible 30 second video clip shows intriguing sky action that allegedly took place on August 18th, 2017 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We’ve been working to track down the original posting location of the video but have not yet been able to. If anyone knows who took the video below, please contact us as we’d love to ask a few questions. In this sighting you will see 5 crafts in the sky in a W- like formation. They then move around...

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The Incredible Alien UFO FLEET Sighting of May 16, 1808 in Sweden

For as far as written history permits us to remember, mankind has always witnessed strange things happen in the skies, which people, by the standards of that particular time, have not been able to explain adequately. The sighting of an unidentified flying object or UFO is not a rare phenomenon, and many of these occurrences over the years have been carefully studied and subsequently debunked, while others remain as mysteries that baffle even the best of us. Among those which are left unexplained, many of these UFO sightings are believed to be flying spaceships of extraterrestrial beings.   However,...

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5 FREAKIEST LEAKED Videos Of Aliens & Alien Life!

In today’s video we take a look at some scary supposedly leaked videos of alien life. Could they reveal all the unanswered questions about the universe? Because they have been uploaded on to the internet there is a chance these videos could be fake. We will list all the information we can find relating to the clips then you can make your own minds up. 5) KGB Aliens The KGB are similar to the C.I.A, it was formed by the Soviet Union in 1954. The KGB was a military service and security agency which was governed by rules and...

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