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Alien Abduction of Fran Drescher?

You may know her as “The Nanny,” but in real life actress Fran Drescher shares a commonality with many truth seekers out there. She believes that she and her ex-husband were both subjects of alien abduction. Recently, the Huffington Post interviewed Drescher about her alien encounter, and without a doubt, she believes it really happened. As a teenager she remembers riding in the car with her father and being abducted by aliens. When she met her husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, many years later, he also had experienced something similar while in junior high. Her belief is that the two...

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Latest UFO Sighting during Sunday Night Football in New Orleans

There’s nothing like visiting the Big Easy for some good tasting food, smooth sounding jazz and rowdy New Orleans Saints Football. And, when it comes to strange sights and sounds, well, the French Quarter usually provides plenty of interesting attractions as well. But on October 23, 2011 numerous people watching Sunday Night Football witnessed something a little stranger than usual during the nationally televised game between the Saints and Indianapolis Colts. UFO Sighting in New Orleans Louisiana During Saints Football As NBC television cameras focused in on the historical St. Louis Cathedral, a fast swooping light moved across the...

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If Not in the Bible Then Aliens Don’t Exist

Just the other day I was talking to a friend, and while catching up on life, our conversation somehow ended up on the subject of UFOs and aliens. I really respect my friend and his views, but he said something that made absolutely no sense to me at the time. In this case, I believe his views that aliens don’t exist is somewhat skewed. With a blog on alien abductions and UFO sightings, I certainly do come across a lot of skeptics as well as staunch believers in the phenomenon so I’m not surprised when I hear someone’s opinion...

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Researchers Worry Alien Attacks Coming Soon

After running through potential scenarios of mankind’s effect on the world around us, scientists at Penn State and Shawn Domagal-Goldman from the Planetary Science Division of NASA have asserted that alien attacks may soon be imminent on this planet. You would have to wonder why funds would be allocated to such a study particularly since the mainstream media and governmental organizations tend to think belief in alien and extraterrestrial life is a bunch of hullabaloo. Never mind the current economic situation in the U.S. damn it, we should be studying what these aliens might do to us, don’t you know! Now why might you ask would an alien civilization determine that human kind is no longer deserving of life here on this planet? According to these scientists, the reason for their animosity toward us could be due to our pollution problems. Wow, sounds almost like ET might be an official member of the Sierra Club or National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR). In all seriousness though, the study posed the question whether contact with extraterrestrials would benefit or harm humanity. Basically, is there the potential for aliens to observe us and then go on home or would they look at our behavior and decide to come kill us all? The criteria used to evaluate an alien’s possible reactions included being neutral, unintentionally harmful, and the ever popular with Hollywood movie...

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Have Aliens on Earth Given Us Time Travel?

Have visiting aliens on earth somehow taught us how to time travel? While certainly sounding like a good science fiction movie, there may some truth to the idea. Just recently filmmaker, George Clarke, purchased a DVD series of old Charlie Chapin movies from the 1920s. While viewing one of the movies entitled The Circus he came upon a most peculiar sight.

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