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For some of the best alien abduction stories, we’re sharing this post below titled Vimanas The word ‘vimanas’ is a Sanskrit word which was originally translated as car by Hindus. Later, however, the translations of ‘car’, ‘celestial car’ and ‘airborne chariot’ made people think that it wasn’t just a normal chariot or wheeled vehicle which was being referred to. Because these vehicles were being used by gods (usually), the writings were studied also to examine the relationship between these supernatural beings and the rest of humanity. In other words, the influence of ancient alien astronauts together with their ‘cars’...

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High Profile Area 51 Big in UFO and Conspiracy Circles

Here’s a great post about alien abductions we think you’ll enjoy: Area 51 has a high profile in UFO and conspiracy circles. If You Like Secrets Then Area 51 Is For You! Area 51, like Roswell, is one of those names which is known to most people as having something to do with aliens and UFO’s. And, just like Roswell, there is a lot of speculation but very little hard evidence. Firstly, where is Area 51? If you were to ask the government, you might not get a straight answer. It will allow that there is an operating location...

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UFO Sighting Report Larkspur, California, USA; December 2, 2017

We discovered this UFO Sighting that we think you’ll find interesting Larkspur, California, USA; December 2, 2017 UFO Sighting Report Larkspur Name: Teresa Date of Sighting: December 2, 2017, around 6:30pm Location of Sighting: Larkspur Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 1, bright white light similar to floodlight flashing on and off erratically with bright blue ring around it. Distance of UFO(s) in sky: About 5 miles away seen on Christmas teee hill from my condo patio which is perched on a hill To read more about the UFO Sighting Report Larkspur California, visit the original...

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Alien Abduction is the Ultimate Close Encounter of the Third Kind

We discovered this article that we think you’ll find interesting Alien abduction is the ultimate close enounter of the third kind Is Alien Abduction Just The Next Step In Our Connection With Aliens? Alien abduction is one of those strange things. The idea can be creepy and exciting at the same time. Just think what it means. Some alien from who-knows-where actually chose you to connect with! All that distance across space and you end up with an alien encounter; a close encounter of the third kind. That’s the up-side. The down-side, of course, is the anguish such contact...

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Should We Fear an Alien Invasion?

We discovered this article that we think you’ll find interesting Is an alien invasion something to be feared? The Alien Invasion: Or is there more than one? If you think of an alien invasion, then you probably will have thoughts like H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds: creatures gunning us down in the streets and us desperately trying to devise an effective weapon against them. Or maybe you lean more towards the idea in the film ‘Sleepers’ when people were turned into zombies by the alien host. Or perhaps like ‘Independence Day’ where it’s an all-out war. There are...

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