Are We Close to Proving Existence of Alien Life?

Are We Close to Proving Existence of Alien Life?

We’ve previously discussed the narrow view that some people take about the existence of aliens and how they cannot possibly exist because they are not mentioned in the Bible.

NASA’s chief scientist Ellen Stofan asserts that discovery of extraterrestrials is only a few decades away. But religious folk aren’t so necessarily willing to concede it as a possibility.

In fact, Creation Museum CEO and President Ken Ham has spoken out against media buzz over Stofan’s claims that the discovery of alien life is only decades away. Ham argued that the search for alien life is a secularist objective, and said that the Bible suggests that life outside of Earth does not exist.

Back in April, Stofan put forth the notion that signs of alien life may be discovered by 2025. Ham believes it is wishful thinking put forth by evolutionist to prove their theories about the origin of life. 

Read more about the alien life debate in this Christian Post article here.

What do you think about the existence of aliens in our universe? Christian arrogance or simple naivete? Leave your comments below.

Ken Ham Rejects Latest NASA Claims That Alien-Life Discovery Is Decades …




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