Answer to UFO Sightings and “Son, there are no Such Things as Aliens”

Answer to UFO Sightings and “Son, there are no Such Things as Aliens”

In my previous post, “Son, There are no Such Things as Aliens,” I mentioned that my son thought recent news reports about UFO sightings and alien visitations to United States Nuclear Sites must be some kind of joke or spoof they were running on the news channel.

My quest for information to help explain the mystery surrounding the alien and UFO phenomena to my son continues. The wealth of information and theories surrounding just what is out there is quite overwhelming. Each day I learn more information about UFO sightings, alien abductions and even mystery lights in Marfa, Texas and other spots around the world!

One thing is certain. After my continued research, I now have an answer for my son.

In our home, we happen to believe in a Higher Being…in our Heavenly Creator who causes everything to exist and sets the course of nature according to His will. I believe it would be limiting His power to say that He could not have placed life on other planets. More importantly, I’ve always believed as well that the most unique and wonderful creatures can be found right here on earth!

Knowing that we can explore the remotest extremities of space but still remain alien to our own humanity is one of those dilemmas that mankind hasn‘t overcome. The real truth of our universe is deeply hidden in the human soul that was given to us by Him. All of life is a search to reconnect with our Creator and find that hidden truth. Once that happens, we can rid ourselves of humanity’s darkness and reach greater understanding of the world around us as well as the universe and galaxies beyond including UFO Sightings and whether aliens exist.

And this afternoon when my son returns from school, I know he’ll read my answer. And, I know he will smile.

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  1. Gerard Aartsen

    You might be interested in the Facebook page “There’s nothing ‘alien’ about the visitors from space” where I keep track of testimonies to the benign intentions of the space


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