Aliens Exist Study #2 – The Reptilians

Aliens Exist Study #2 – The Reptilians
In our first aliens exist study #1, the Grey Alien species was discussed. Another well known alien race is the Reptilian alien otherwise known as Reptilians. Alien enthusiasts theorize that there are two forms of this species. One form of Reptilian has resided on Planet Earth since ancient times living in underground dwellings and cave systems throughout the world. For clarity, this Reptilian is also called a Reptoid to differentiate from the other species of Reptilian that comes from the constellation Draco and is hostile to the inhabitants of our planet.

Physical Description of Earth Reptoids and Draco Reptilians

Earth Reptilians or Reptoids are reported to be about 6 to 9 feet in height. Although their body’s form is very similar to humans, it is covered in scales shaded from deep green to brown. Bony ridges start at the forehead and cover the entire head all the way to the back of the neck. Slits for breathing and hearing are found on their face and sides of head respectively. Eyes are very interesting in that they are black with  lizard like vertical slits. Some eyes have also been seen that are white with slits that appear flame like. They do have thumbs on their hands but only 3 long fingers and reports say that they are very muscular with long appendages.

The Draco Reptilian is very different from its earth relative Reptoid. It also stands 6 to 9 feet, however, there are reports that this particular alien being sometimes has 6 to 7 feet long wings as well as horns on head and down the spine. The description of this particular alien could explain ancient gods and dragons worshipped in Chinese, Greek and Indian cultures.

Reptilian Aliens in Ancient Religions

Do Reptilian Aliens ExistIn Chinese culture dragons have been worshipped for centuries. Their legends speak of four dragon kings that ruled each map point direction for east, west, north and south. These kings were able to shape shift from dragon to human form and were greatly feared. Temples were built to honor them by the ancient people in order to avoid retribution and to win favor.

Reptilian Aliens in GreeceIn Greek legend, the first ruler of Athens, Cecrops I, was said to be half snake and half man. The recurring theme of men with serpent legs is found in the Pergamum temple and even in the story of Boreas, the north wind god, who had serpent legs and wings to fly.

Indian scriptures refer to the Naga, a Reptilian people dwelling underground who would from time to time interact with human communities.

Why are the Reptilian Aliens on Earth?

Reptilian abduction stories make up roughly 20% of all alien abductions claimed. According to abductees, the primary objective is an evil one, and they plan to dominate all worlds in the universe. Stories abound that they cloned the grey aliens to be their slaves and desire to do the same to the human race. British writer and alien researcher, David Icke, theorizes that the Reptilians have bred with influential human families throughout history as a means to gain power and control of the world’s governments. These hybrid reptilians are able to shape shift and hide their true form while they work to fulfill their agenda. Earth Reptoids have attempted to thwart these takeover plans. Whether these aliens exist is up for debate, but clearly there are those that believe there are Reptilian aliens on earth. What do you think? Leave a comment below.


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