Alien Abductions or something else?

Alien Abductions or something else?

When alien abductions come up in conversation, it is just as much taboo as the two other major conversation faux pas: politics and religion. “There are always two sides to every story, and then there is the truth” or so the saying goes. If you really want to get people going, and I do mean heading out the door, bring in another little word, demons, and they’ll get downright religious on you!

What Carl Sagan Said About Alien Abductions

Did Carl Sagan have an opinion about aliens and ufos?Unlike alien abductions which have primarily been documented since the mid 1950s and 1960s, Carl Sagan, famous American astronomer, cosmologist & author, pointed out that stories of demon abduction have been common throughout history. And very few believe that demons are abducting anyone these days!

Now, in order to prove that alien abductions actually occur, Sagan asserted that physical evidence would be necessary for taking these alien abduction stories seriously.  Just a scraping of the alien ship could help skeptical scientists isolate isotopic ratios or even chemical elements not present in or on earth materials. Certainly the discovery of material of “absolutely bizarre properties of many sorts—electrical conductivity or ductility” would give serious credence to accounts by witnesses regarding their alien abductions.

If you can’t touch it

can you see your brain?Now that reminds me of a story about a professor who once said that if you can’t touch it, feel it with your own hands or if you can’t see it or smell it, then it can only mean one thing. It doesn’t exist!

The professor’s students were awed at his comments which to them seemed so sound and wise as an answer to all things unknown. But for the first time ever in the class, one student raised his hand.

Surprised, the professor acknowledged the student’s desire to respond. The student said, “Professor, if you can’t see, let’s say your ‘brain’, and you can’t touch your brain or smell it or feel it with your own hand, then your statement would imply that you have no brain!”

Are Alien Abduction Stories True?

So basically, just because you haven’t personally seen a UFO or touched an alien, it doesn’t mean that other people’s accounts of sightings or alien abductions are false. Definitely, we all want proof that aliens and spaceships exist. Hard physical evidence would certainly help our case with the skeptics. But eyewitness accounts have always been used to verify facts, and at this junction, my guess is we have enough anecdotal evidence to conclude that there are aliens on earth amongst us. Anyone out there want to share their experience?

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