Alien Conspiracy Theories: Extraterrestrial Origin of Man

Alien Conspiracy Theories: Extraterrestrial Origin of Man

The extraterrestrial origin of man is an alien conspiracy theories topic that is widely discussed on the internet in various UFO alien forums and websites. The idea that man could be of extraterrestrial origin is certainly no more preposterous than Darwin suggesting we descend from apes.

The Darwinian Evolutionary theory is taught as a fact in our public schools and universities; however, the Darwinian idea that man evolved from apes is disputable by not only creationists but archaeologists and historians as well.

One particular Irish archaeologist, John Philip Cohane, postulated in his 1977 book, Paradox: The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Man, that although certainly the process of evolution isn’t questionable, it is rather the origin of man and our civilization according to Darwin that is disputable. Cohane believes that man is a product of interplanetary colonization.

The idea of Earth as an alien colony has been theorized by many over the years including Richard Mooney and Erich von Daniken. Cohane believes that the appearance of Cro-Magnon man out of nowhere in 30,000 B.C.E., a complete absence of any fossil record to indicate man’s relationship to apes as well as the consistent high level of human civilization suggests that man descended from extraterrestrial colonists. He further points to the fact that humans are too spiritually refined to be related to apes.

Archaeological artifacts from the ancient world indicate a technological sophistication that defy our descending from apes. He cites the Cheops Pyramid at Giza and Britain’s Stonehenge, both built before 2,000 B.C.E., as evidence of complex knowledge possibly distributed through the ancient world by these alien colonists. The monuments that were built in ancient times indicate an understanding of gravity and how to use it to such a degree that even modern man to date has been unable to replicate them. Is this due to alien knowledge that was lost to mankind?

What about archaeological evidence that doesn’t jive with mainstream scientific explanation? Things such as a six inch iron nail found in a 500 year old Stratum from the Andes or a carving of an astronaut on a rock in Central Africa or even a New Guinea cave inscription depicting an ancient Egyptian. This evidence of knowledge far surpassing what we attribute to ancient man are dismissed as non-credible or of no importance although these objects do exist and are without explanation given their locations found and what they represent in the time they were created.

The alien conspiracy theories surrounding the idea of aliens planting us here and providing intelligence to build and construct a technologically advance civilization seems highly possible to some and crazy to others. Perhaps Earth as an alien colony is a farfetched notion but certainly no more so than that of man being descended from monkeys.

Paradox: The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Man


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