Alien Conspiracy Theories: Earth is a Colony

Alien Conspiracy Theories: Earth is a Colony

Some alien conspiracy theories include the idea of earth as a colony. Proponents of the earth colony theory believe that man is probably not native to the Earth and was either seeded here or arrived as colonists from another galaxy. All humanity evolved from these colonists or were biologically engineered by them.

Seeding Earth with Life

In his 1974 book, Colony: Earth, Richard Mooney postulates that colonizing alien visitors seeded life on Earth prior to their arrival. The planet could have once served as a military outpost or communication station so these aliens were familiar with our planet’s ability to sustain life. Whether their spaceship made an emergency landing and was never able to depart, or they purposefully came here to colonize is speculation according to alien conspiracy theories.

Thousand Year Cycles of UFO Sightings

Mooney also has an interesting observation concerning UFO sightings. As Carl Sagan once estimated in his works that ten other alien civilizations exist within 1000 light years of earth, Mooney believed that Sagan’s ideas about alien civilization correlate with what he calls 1000 year cycles of UFO activity.

There were substantial numbers of UFO sightings in 1000 B.C.E. and then another wave of sightings during the Roman Christian era of 1000 to 1200 C.E. And here in our present age, we once again are seeing another wave of numerous UFO sightings that follow this 1000 year cycle pattern.

Ancient Legends and the Great Flood

If one looks at the ancient legends of the Aztec, Mayan and Incan Empires, they all have similar stories of the “white, bearded gods with remarkable abilities.” Their legends say these beings brought civilization to the Americas and taught peaceful brotherhood.

Mooney interlinked the idea of these godlike alien beings with the Great Flood as he surmises the flood and fall of man were connected. He cites examples of Hebrew and Sumerian traditions that record long life spans before the Great Flood such as Adam living 930 years, Seth 912 years and Enoch 905 years. After the flood in both the Hebrew Bible and Sumerian legends, life spans and age began to decrease.

Alien conspiracy theories such as those proposed by Mooney certainly make for great conversations. The idea that humans did not originate from this planet is often quoted. However, we are no closer to being able to prove this theory than we are to fly at the speed of light. What is interesting to note is that many ancient stories and legends have a unifying theme about alien beings and their relationship to humankind. Those are ancient legends that we cannot ignore in our quest for further understanding.



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