Alien Abductions in Australia: The Kelly Cahill Story

Alien Abductions in Australia: The Kelly Cahill Story

In a recent UFO sighting in China just this past July, a floating object resembling a spacecraft emitted a bright streak of light illuminating the skies like a row of stage lights.  These lights are common in alien abduction scenes from alien movies whereby a spacecraft produces light to make a bridge from the spaceship to the land to take something. Assuming that the object seen in China was a real spacecraft, the question now would be was the light used as a means of departure or ascension? Could it possibly have been used for actual alien abductions?

Alien abductions have been cited around the globe with an estimated 100 million human victims. One of the most famous cases was the 1993 Kelly Cahill abduction in Australia.

Kelly Cahill alien abductionThis Australian family was traveling home from visiting a friend when they saw lights coming from the windows of a spaceship. The craft was so close that they were able to see the colorful lights on its bottom part, and vague figures of people were also visible through the open windows. Kelly Cahill screamed, and the ship immediately flew out of view. They proceeded traveling down the road when a blinding light suddenly flashed in front of them. Her husband chose to continue driving, and as they sped through the brightness, Kelly was relieved thinking they had escaped the mysterious object.

That feeling of ease was all she remembered as she woke up inside their car dazed. Her husband and kids seemed to have passed out as well. They went back home, confused and not realizing that an hour had already past since they first witnessed the UFO.  When they reached their house, there was a putrid odor which smelled like vomit, and before going to bed, Kelly also found an odd triangular imprint on her navel. For two weeks after the incident, she was hospitalized due to uterine infection and abdominal pains.

It was only later that these abductees managed to recall the other events of the alien abduction incident. When they saw the huge craft, which was about 150 feet in diameter, she remembered that her husband parked the car, and both of them approached the UFO. Another car also parked near their vehicle. As they approached the spaceship, they found a group of mysterious creatures standing beneath the craft. Kelly described the creatures as “not having a soul.” The beings were about seven feet tall and were black in color – black, as in pure nothingness. They suddenly clustered into groups, and one of the groups sped to Kelly and her husband in seconds. One of the groups also moved toward the other car.

She remembered screaming in fear and rage. Afterward, it was pitch-black. When she came to she was already back inside her car. She also had hazy memories of what seemed to be medical procedures. The owners of the other car substantiated the family’s claims. They also had similar triangular marks and vague memories of dark creatures operating on them.

To learn more about the alien abductions of this family, here is the full UFO video from the abductee herself:


  1. deano

    Where in Australia did these supposed abductions take place? It would be interesting to know the location.

    • Alien Abductions Exposed

      Deano, the abduction occurred in the Dandenong foothills near Belgrave, Victoria, Australia on August 8, 1993.


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