Alien Abductions Support Groups

The following are support groups and researchers of alien abductions, UFO sightings and encounters. Most have both website, email and phone numbers available. This is not an exhaustive list so if you know of any other alien abductions support groups or organizations, please submit the information through our contact us page so we can add to the list.

California, USA

Eve Lorgen, M.A.
Researcher, author, counselor for experiencers.
20 years of research and counseling with specialty in anomalous trauma. These types of experiences include but are not limited to alien abductions, ET contact, mind control (such as MK-ULTRA), cult abuse, spiritual warfare, near-death experiences, angelic interventions and anomalous relationship interferences, aka “love bites”.

OPUS (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support)
P.O. Box 320174
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408-268-2837
The mission of OPUS is to develop a network of people dedicated to a better understanding of the overall nature of unusual/anomalous personal experiences and to support those who have them.

Colorado, USA

Deborah Lindemann, CHT
Lindemann Professional Group, LLC
P.O. Box 1786
Fort Collins, CO 80522
Has over 20 years of investigation experience with UFO and alien encounters. Offers free phone consultations to help answer questions.

Eastern USA

Colleen Johnston
Malevolent Alien Abduction and Paranormal Research
Ms Johnston has over 30 years research and experience in anomalous events including demonic possession, UFO sightings, reptilian and other species alien abductions, and the UFO cult phenomenon involving mind control and supernatural manifestations of channeled entities.

Florida, USA

Michelle Guerin
Coordinator for Bridges, Nationwide
Alien abduction support group that helps with professional referrals and input from other alien abductees.

Illinois, USA

SEE Support for Encounter Experiencers
Christine Olivo, R.H.T., Facilitator of SEE
Certified hypnotherapist and experiencer, who offers a support group meetings for alien abductees as well as hypnosis services for clarification and recall of UFO sightings or alien abductions.

Minnesota, USA

Craig R. Lang, Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Brooklyn Center, MN
Works with people who have experienced UFO sightings and alien abduction.

New England, USA
Assists and provides emotional support to the northern New England area for those who have experienced alien abduction.

Texas, USA

Saber Enterprises
Derrel Sims
PO Box 60944
Houston, Texas 77205

Utah, USA

Utah MUFON Director, Dave Rosenfeld
Hypnosis, support group, regression for alien abduction cases.

Washington, USA

The UFO Contact Center International
3001 South 288th Street #304
Federal Way, Washington 98003
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who have had
traumatic, bizarre experiences or sightings of UFOs.

Wisconsin, USA

BUFO Paranormal UFO Radio
Alien abduction & support group
532 N. Pine Street, Burlington, WI 53105

The Lightside
P.O. Box 4065
Appleton,WI 54915-4065
Weekly UFO study and support group.

United Kingdom

British UFO Research Association
Phone: 08445 674-694

The Birmingham UFO Group
Dave Hodrien, chairman and investigator
Phone: 07527 948 730
For those who believe they’ve been contacted or abducted by aliens. Non-public and confidential.

Mike Rutherford

Barking, UK
Phone: 0208 507 0746
UFO researcher and alien experiencer. Created support group for alien abductees.


Alien Abduction Research Group (A.A.R.G.)
Washington, DC

Dee Finney
Moderator of groups for alien abductions. Counsels alien abductees worldwide.


  1. Kathryn

    Interested in Alien Abductions Supposrt Groups. I am fairly sure my ex-husband and I were abducted in 1976. We both had a scratch on the inside upper part of our nostril. We didn’t notice this until the next day. The object came directly over our vehicle, covered the entire truck, but also seemed transparent except for the light in the middle of the craft. Have thought about it everyday since 1976 & can’t really talk to anybody about it except my ex-husband.

    • ken


      You don’t say if this was a one time event or if it was just the start of reoccurring events ever since that time. The normal occurrence is that once they begin they usually do not stop. You do not expressed your feeling over this and especially your feeling toward your abductors. The question is, do you want to be free from this or not? The one thing I have noticed over many years is that those who are psychiatrists, psychologists, people who do therapy, and the like will make you talk forever but for the very vast majority will not be able to make the events stop.

      There are a few who can and I applaud them. I fall into the latter camp. I am not interested in talking endlessly about your experience. If you are having multiple experiences and want to stop them. Then shoot me an email.


  2. Alien Abduction Story

    They are real and are human. There are two distinct types: those controlled by evil and those that ride with the LORD.

  3. marc alex

    Hi my name is Marcel. I’m a psychic living and practicing in South Africa. I had a client who forced a friendship with me and invited me onto his farm to investigate hauntings and witchcraft. He said that after I visited everything seemed to leave, and I could move into his guest cottage.

    My ego was peaking at this time, and I accepted the offer. A month into it I noticed craft (not earthly) flying around above the hills in the area. He then started showing me articles about greys on his iPad. By then I was sleeping 20 hours a day (not every day). I then had a friend over who offered me some amphetamine to smoke and I didn’t sleep for 3 days. My landlord then revealed himself to be a grey (or possessed by one) and a plan to stage an invasion, which explained the rumbling that came from under the farm.

    I thought there was a train station outside the house but could see nothing. It was like the vehicles were cloaked. I asked my landlord about it, and he said that it’s a technology that they mean to use to mar the second coming of Christ so I wrote him off as a loony. This was before he showed himself. I have pics and footage of strange things.

    I took the attached pic of him and his grey side when he was lurking outside my home. The blinds are closed and the window covered with cloth. But he still is visible. If you enlarge the pic, there’s something greenish in partial manifestation on the right.

    I’ve since left the farm. He tried to physically stop me, but I did something to stop him because he walked with a limp after that. I closed my eyes and focused light out my forehead. My friend, who helped me get off the farm, rode off in her car with us in it. We were unharmed but the car is not roadworthy.

    The parapsychologist I saw has been injured. The day before she was meant to go onto the farm to investigate, they (my landlord and his wife) won’t stop sending me repetitive text messages, usually at 22:22 or some other time with repetitive numbers. I’ve attached pics called Pleiadian because I took the pic before he attacked me. We don’t have any support groups here. So I’m not sure what I think u could do for me. I guess I want to know I’m not crazy or alone. You have my email. Regards, Marcel

    • Timothy rob

      You are not crazy or alone, I think that most people have been abducted at some point in there lives, they just don’t remember or have forced themselves not to remember, and I am sure that it happens way more than most people will ever admit, I believe that I have at least been visited since I was a young boy of 7 or 8 years old and have been drawn to this type of thing, I have done a bit of research to learn where we come from and why we are here and our purpose, this is the first time I have tried to reach out, because really I have never had anyone to converse with on this and many subjects and I believe that most people are in denial because of there religion or peers but there is so much more to our existence than we have been told and lied to about it all



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