Alien Abductions: Story of Uri Geller

Alien Abductions: Story of Uri Geller

While Uri Geller never claimed to be the subject of alien abductions, he certainly experienced some form of extraterrestrial contact that some would say left him forever changed.

In his book, Uri – The Original and Authorised Biography Of Uri Geller – The Man Who Baffles The Scientists, Andrija Puharich describes Geller’s alien encounter as well as messages and supposed paranormal abilities given to Geller by aliens.

In the 1970s Geller reported that at the age of 3 he witnessed a large, bowl shaped light in the sky while he was outside playing. Within the light, there was a radiant, human form, which Geller claimed programmed him giving him psychic powers as part of the human evolutionary process in preparation for future extraterrestrial contact with our world.

The author, Puharich, hypnotized Geller in November of 1971, and in the book describes that Geller was contacted by a dazzling UFO, and in the hypnosis session, a being spoke through Geller. This alien being told Puharich that he was Geller’s “programmer.” This extraterrestrial issued a warning of an impending war between Egypt and Israel.

The alien intelligence using Geller to speak called itself SPECTRA or Hoova and actually claimed to be a Rhombus 4-D computer into which various souls, bodies and minds of intelligent beings had been transferred. This alien being claims it exists in the future and can materialize space probes to visit Earth. SPECTRA further told them that it exists millions of light years from Earth. Their preferred method of contact with Geller was through automatic writing and hypnotic trances.

SPECTRA claimed responsibility for UFO sightings in the world and also that it gives advice to human every 6,000 years. It told Geller that it first visited our planet 20,000 years ago and landed at the Oak of Mamre, which is in modern day Israel. Interestingly, it mentioned that there are many other space visitors to our planet from other dimensions and universes.

Puharich was an Army officer, medical and parapsychology researcher who brought Uri Geller to the United States to scientifically investigate his claims and abilities. He believed that Geller was more than just a spoon bender and mind reader and attributed him with a prophet like ability to serve as an intermediary between man and divine intelligence.

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