Alien Abductions: Story of Travis Walton

Alien Abductions: Story of Travis Walton

The alien abductions story of Travis Walton occurred about nine miles south of Heber, Arizona on November 5, 1975. While driving on the way to Snowflake, Walton, a tree logger, was abducted by aliens in front of seven coworkers.

A large UFO beamed a light upon Walton and when he walked toward it, he was forced to the ground. His fellow workers immediately fled the scene. In this particular alien abductions case, Walton disappeared for five days. There was even an intensive search and a homicide investigation of his coworkers because of his disappearance.

Walton said after being pinned to the ground the next thing he remembered was waking up later to bright light. He claims he had a panicked feeling with pain in his chest and head. Thinking he was in a hospital because of the bright light, he was shocked when he looked around and observed three strange, alien beings that resembled
five foot tall fetuses. The aliens wore orange, loose fitting robes with no identifying marks or emblems and had characteristic large eyes similar to known descriptions of the Grey aliens. They worked silently in what seemed to be some sort of examination room.

Attempting to defend himself, Walton claims he grabbed an 18 inch long cylinder and threatened the creatures. They simply backed away from him and left the room. Shortly thereafter, another being wearing a blue uniform and helmet and having a human appearance led him from the examination room into another brightly lit room. Fortunately, Walton reappeared five days later after his alien abduction at a gas station outside of Heber.

Further information about alien abductions and Walton’s experience was documented in his book, The Walton Experience, as well as a full length feature movie, Fire in the Sky. Below is a link to the book and movie as well as video on demand to rent the movie to view his alien abductions story yourself.

Available in both book & movie (to rent or own):

Travis Walton Fire in the Skyalien abduction story of Travis Walton

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