Alien Abductions: Story of Antonio Villa Boas

Alien Abductions: Story of Antonio Villa Boas

Stories of alien abductions have increased over the last 50 years. One of the early alien abduction stories is that of Antonio Villas Boas in October 1957. He claimed to have been abducted by aliens and seduced by an exquisitely beautiful alien female on their UFO. His alien abduction story was the first such story to receive widespread acclaim and also be accepted as a true alien encounter.

Working Late on the Farm

Boas reported that he was trying to avoid the daily heat and decided to plow fields in the nighttime near Sao Francisco de Sala, Brazil. While working, he spotted a red star that began moving in his direction. As it approached he realized it was an egg shaped UFO with red front lights and a rotation top. It landed in the field where he was farming, and he quickly tried to leave on his tractor. He made it only a short distance before the engine and lights died. While fleeing on foot, a five foot tall humanoid clothed in gray overalls and helmet grabbed him and with the help of three other aliens, subdued and brought him inside the UFO.

On the Spacecraft

Boas recounted later that he was stripped of his clothes and covered in red gel. He was then taken into a room with strange, red symbols engraved on the doorway. The aliens took blood samples from him and left him in a third room for about 30 minutes. While waiting in this room, a noxious gas was pumped inside and Boas said he became extremely ill.

The Seduction

After a while, another alien came into the room, however, this one was an extremely attractive, naked female. Boas described her with platinum white hair and large, blue eyes that resembled cat’s eyes. He was aware of being strongly attracted to her. Then she approached him to begin copulation with him. All during the encounter he recalls she spoke with barking noises rather than understandable speech.

Shortly after the experience, she rubbed her lower stomach all while pointing skyward as if meaning she would now be with his child and then take it to space with her. At that point, he was allowed to dress and then taken on a tour of the spacecraft. He stated he tried to take an object from the ship to prove his experience; however, the aliens caught him and removed the item from his possession.

Returning Home

Alien Abduction Story of Antonio Villas BoasWhen he was returned to the field where he was abducted, Boas realized he had been absent for about 4 hours. He went to be medically examined after his ordeal, and it wasn’t until four months after the alien abduction before he publically came forward with his story. Doctors learned he had radiation poisoning as he suffered from body pain, headaches, nausea leading to loss of appetite. He also had bruise like lesions that oozed and were painful for months after the alien abduction. The military also submitted him to mental and physical testing and most accept that he experienced a true alien abduction.

Boas when on to live his life and later became an attorney. He was father to four kids. He maintained his alien abduction story for his whole life until he passed away in 1992.

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