Just learned about a movie on alien abductions in Nome, Alaska. Gosh, I guess I’m behind the times as “The Fourth Kind” starring Milla Jovovich released in November last year and was put on DVD a few months ago.

I decided I’d first do a little research especially if planning to watch a film that some say is the Blair Witch Project style movie of alien abductions. To me, that means I’ll be awake for the next week. Me and horror films don’t mix too well! Unfortunately, I also have to watch these horror style films late at night when the kids are safely asleep in their beds or else they’d be with me in my bed for the next week too, wide awake looking in closets and behind doors!

Well, apparently Nome, Alaska is the site of several disappearances dating from the 1960s to 2005. In case you don’t know your geography, Nome is located on the west coast of Alaska just near the Bering strait. After years of missing persons in the area, the FBI finally came to investigate in 2005. There were over 24 cases of native males disappearing as they traveled from small villages to the commercial city of Nome.  Of the 24 missing, nine of the men were never found. The town became famous in the area as the place where people disappear, and natives were warned to not travel alone, particularly at night.

The FBI attributed the disappearances to the combination of drinking alcohol and extremely cold weather. The Fourth Kind has a different take. This piece of cinematography presents the missing persons cases as alien abductions.

Alien Encounter Classification System

In case you aren’t familiar with the classification system for alien abductions. There are basically 5 types of alien encounters:

1) The First KindUFO sightings or encounters

2) The Second Kind – Actual physical evidence of UFO discovered

3) The Third Kind – Made famous by Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it is actual contact with aliens or extraterrestrials, not just a UFO.

4) The Fourth Kind – alien abductions

5) The Fifth Kind – Ongoing communication between aliens and person abducted by aliens

So in naming the movie, the filmmakers used a spin off of the alien encounters classification system to present their view of the possibility of alien abductions in these cases.  Below I’ve posted the trailer so you can see what I’m talking about:

Why is this movie about alien abductions important?

Well the fact is that citizens of Nome, Alaska stated that all FBI investigations only looked at police reports about the disappearances rather than interviews of residents. Additionally, the FBI investigations cover a wide span of time from the 1960s to 2005. What happened to the bodies? Where is the evidence of these missing people?

In light of the increasing accounts of UFO sightings and stories of alien abductions, it is important to remember that many have complained that the anecdotal evidence, UFO video and pictures as well as eyewitness testimony is not being used by authorities when investigating all types of cases related to disappearances and sightings. Movies such as the “The Fourth Kind” remind us to look deeper when analyzing the data available regarding these encounters.

Nome Alaska Alien AbductionsSo I’m off to watch the movie now. And like the movie, I’ll let you decide if you believe alien abductions are the true cause of these missing persons cases.


I must unequivocally say that The Fourth Kind movie is truly horrifying. Quite disturbing on so many levels, it is in a documentary style that truly makes what you are viewing quite believable…even though your rational mind tells you it is quite impossible! Click here for the updated post for the Nome Alaska Alien Abductions.