Alien Abductions in Nome, Alaska

Alien Abductions in Nome, Alaska

Just learned about a movie on alien abductions in Nome, Alaska. Gosh, I guess I’m behind the times as “The Fourth Kind” starring Milla Jovovich released in November last year and was put on DVD a few months ago.

I decided I’d first do a little research especially if planning to watch a film that some say is the Blair Witch Project style movie of alien abductions. To me, that means I’ll be awake for the next week. Me and horror films don’t mix too well! Unfortunately, I also have to watch these horror style films late at night when the kids are safely asleep in their beds or else they’d be with me in my bed for the next week too, wide awake looking in closets and behind doors!

Well, apparently Nome, Alaska is the site of several disappearances dating from the 1960s to 2005. In case you don’t know your geography, Nome is located on the west coast of Alaska just near the Bering strait. After years of missing persons in the area, the FBI finally came to investigate in 2005. There were over 24 cases of native males disappearing as they traveled from small villages to the commercial city of Nome.  Of the 24 missing, nine of the men were never found. The town became famous in the area as the place where people disappear, and natives were warned to not travel alone, particularly at night.

The FBI attributed the disappearances to the combination of drinking alcohol and extremely cold weather. The Fourth Kind has a different take. This piece of cinematography presents the missing persons cases as alien abductions.

Alien Encounter Classification System

In case you aren’t familiar with the classification system for alien abductions. There are basically 5 types of alien encounters:

1) The First KindUFO sightings or encounters

2) The Second Kind – Actual physical evidence of UFO discovered

3) The Third Kind – Made famous by Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it is actual contact with aliens or extraterrestrials, not just a UFO.

4) The Fourth Kind – alien abductions

5) The Fifth Kind – Ongoing communication between aliens and person abducted by aliens

So in naming the movie, the filmmakers used a spin off of the alien encounters classification system to present their view of the possibility of alien abductions in these cases.  Below I’ve posted the trailer so you can see what I’m talking about:

Why is this movie about alien abductions important?

Well the fact is that citizens of Nome, Alaska stated that all FBI investigations only looked at police reports about the disappearances rather than interviews of residents. Additionally, the FBI investigations cover a wide span of time from the 1960s to 2005. What happened to the bodies? Where is the evidence of these missing people?

In light of the increasing accounts of UFO sightings and stories of alien abductions, it is important to remember that many have complained that the anecdotal evidence, UFO video and pictures as well as eyewitness testimony is not being used by authorities when investigating all types of cases related to disappearances and sightings. Movies such as the “The Fourth Kind” remind us to look deeper when analyzing the data available regarding these encounters.

Nome Alaska Alien AbductionsSo I’m off to watch the movie now. And like the movie, I’ll let you decide if you believe alien abductions are the true cause of these missing persons cases.


I must unequivocally say that The Fourth Kind movie is truly horrifying. Quite disturbing on so many levels, it is in a documentary style that truly makes what you are viewing quite believable…even though your rational mind tells you it is quite impossible! Click here for the updated post for the Nome Alaska Alien Abductions.


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  2. Greg Gramins

    When provided the science that there is over a Billion Galaxies, each with a possible 100 planets, it is beyond possible (mathematically) that there is life out there in the stars, BUT…the chances of another “race” of beings from another planet finding the Earth is equal to dropping a nano chip (so small can barely be seen with the naked eye) out of a plane and having someone find it, with only telling it is some where on the Earth.

    • YO YO YO

      THE MOVIE IS REAL!!!!!!!


    • blake

      as Steven Hawking said if there is life out there we should not try to find them because it is likely they are more intelligent and can easily over power us. so I believe it should be easy for them to make a tractor beam out of something like electromagnetic technology.

  3. ange beckwith

    I saw the fourth kind and i was wanting to know how much of the film is real and how much is bs? are there in fact abductions that are unexplained in Nome? if so where can i look them up? thank you an hope for a reply

    • Alien Abductions Exposed

      Ange, thanks for your question. From what I’ve read, it seems that the information used in the Fourth Kind is real at least according to the witnesses. I was really horrified by the film myself. There are unexplained disappearances in Nome. The FBI has made several investigations into the missing people cases. Their official response is that most probably disappeared in a winter storm due to drinking alcohol and traveling when it was unsafe. It is easy to dismiss them as disappearing due to blizzard conditions, however, their bodies were never found.

    • YO YO YO


      I LOVE YOU <3

    • Likhit Reddy

      The thing is governments are famous for hiding anything which causes the crowd to pose unanswerable question towards them, because we loose confidence in their Authority

  4. Ashley

    my little girl has went missing from Nome Alaska…no evidence has been found i just miss her so much…i have seen all of these things my self and i am a firm believer that my little girl was abducted and i wait every day for them to take me i just want my little angel back

    • Sonny B.

      I really believe there is something out there. I was about 10 years old whwn I had a weird experience that I’ve tried to explain to myself for years. I had just went to bed when something or someone entered my bedroom. It stood at the end of my bed for about 10 minutes. It wasn;t the usually described gray being. It was a pitch black. I wasn’t really scared, for some reason I knew it wasn’t going to do me any harm. Over the years I have seen objects in the sky that seem to know I was watching. I believe your daughter is safe. In my heart I have no doubt they meen us no harm. Stay strong and I’ll keep you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. Dyersburg Tn.

      • rjcole83

        CRAZY AS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!1
        I too had an experience EXACTLY as you have described.
        I was sleeping at my great-aunts house in Stone Mountain, Ga. I was about 10 yrs old (1975ish). I was awakened by a fat silhouette approximatly 40 inch in height that appeared to be in some robe w/ a hood over its head. All I remember is that I covered my head by the sheets and woke the next AM without any sign of the incident.
        You may contact my Gmail acct. The address is the same as my ID/user here.

        • mike fire

          From stories that I have been told, have you or anyone youlnow that is/was close to you that practices black magic? I have friends of mine who have been visited by (the blacked out man). He has Ben known to wear a cloak with a hood, or even a cowboy style hat. A complete silhouette of a man. The people I know who had him visit also felt the bed move and everything. One of my friends also said that he showed up with a gift. It was something in a hat box or something like that. He then fell back asleep paying no mind to what happened ans woke up to see the exact ouiji board that he destroyed and put in a dumpster the night before. He swears that it was the devil. I’m getting the chills as I write this. There is a lot more to the story. Ask around and you’ll hear about this black man from more people, I’m sure. I don’t believe its a good thing. All the stories I ever heard about this person showing up always surrounded some sort of black magic. Especially associated with a Ouija board. Maybe you were mewing with one when you were 10 and didn’t put 2&2 together. Don’t trust that man if you were visited by him.

          • Arabah

            I too have seen the silhouetted man. I’ve seen him many times throughout my life. As a child in my yard running abnormally fast, more like bouncing from one tree to the next getting closer and closer to the house. Again in my bedrooms – this happened over multiple residences. Out at the beach with friends. My close friend saw it at the same time I did.

            I used to call it Black. I was afraid to give it any other name. This thing always makes me feel unsafe. I don’t know why. I’ve never been harmed. I’ve also thought it was more supernatural, not alien. this is more afterworldly in my opinion.

            The same friend who saw it when we were together, and some other friends, used the Ouija board together. It started to move (I don’t really believe in ouija boards personally) and the name it gave itself was Black. I had never told any of them the name I used. How’s that for creepy.

          • Anthoni Hipsak

            The black man is as many would say either a ghost or a demon. When you get those chills or have a weird feeling when there isn’t anything around, there most likely is. It’s a paranormal presence. I’ve been being followed by many ghosts through out my life. I see them out of the corner of my eye, I hear them every once ina while, when they want to be heard. When mea nd my husband broke up ofr a mere 6 months I went back with my kids to live with my mother, well when I got there, I felt something touching me, always, not in a harmful way but in a curious and sypathetic way. And at night I would feel as though I was being held, but instead of warmth at first, i would be freezing. Ghosts can change their presence temperatures, I know from experience. But this is just what I know. It may or may not matter. I hope that some of this has helped as to try and figure some stuff out. But my ghosts have no always been nice. I’ve woken with scratches and bruises. And no recolection of how I got them. Just be careful with witch craft and what you bring into your home. And remember, if you do practice, the mirrors are a portal. And most portals, are hard to close.As for aliens, I’ve always been a strong believer there was something out there lol and I loved this movie =] it proved my facts about god to be true, I personally believe that god is an alien, it ties together so many strings in the bible it’s crazy. Oh and as for jesus, I think he’s one too, anyways I gotta go.. if anyone has questions or comments or what ever email me thank you.

        • Becky Miller

          I also had an experience when I was about 10 years old. A dark figure use to watch me at night. It would stand in the doorway of my bed room, which was just 2 feet from the end of my bed. When I saw it I would pull the blankets over my head and then the next thing I remember it would be morning. I always thought that it could be a spirt, but I don’t know.

      • John - MI

        THIS IS COMMON??? WOW!!

        I feel the same way about ufo’s and them knowing you’re watching them. I cant remember the date but it was 15 to 20 years ago. I was on I 75 headed south, just past Detroit. I was getting off the exit and I notice a bunch of lights in the sky. They were all different colors and twinkling. They were probably a couple hundred yards high, above an oil refinery of some kind. I watched the lights until the roof of my car got in the way as the exit ramp curved. I was thinking to myself, ” watch, these lights will be gone by the time I would be able to see them again. Sure enough, when I was in a position to view the same area of sky, the lights had vanashed completely. There had to be around 15 to 20 of them.
        I arrived at my destination and was asked by numerous individuals if I had seen the orange flash in the sky, above I 75. I said no and that was the end of it.
        I have had a couple more strange sightings that I cant explain and when I tell people about them, they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. LOL

      • Likhit Reddy

        Depends on what harm means to them, If destroying the human body just to access the brain is not considered harm, because the do not believe in body or physical prowess, they might use electromagnetic fields to create any sensation, touch, sound, etc
        It’s just like how there are sages in India who do not care for the body and leave it intentionally because they either feel there is no need for it, or feel their purpose of existence is fulfilled. Just google ‘jeeva samadhi’..I know totally of topic, but because of the stupidity of a few humans who are interested in making their lives better, we are slowing down the development of the human species

    • sue

      My heart goes out to you. I have two little girls and can’t and don’t even want to imagine what you are going through. What exactly have you seen? Has anyone ever sketched out what they have seen?

    • rod kreinbrink

      Umm, having been abducted when I was about 4 years old, and then they (the tall greys) come back from time to time over the past years of my life to take me. They do their experiments like I was a lab rat, and then alow me to return. The only time I really realize that it occurrs is by heavy bruise on my right arm that shows like a big thumb print. Over the years I have remembered a few things they have told me. 1. they see us as animals, and to them if we do not remember the pain of their experiments, then whats it to us? (we are just animals to them.) not people. 2. they eat various animals from this planet. 3. there are 4 major races in our galaxy-we are the fartherst out of outside the core. Further, that we do not need to fear “black holes” becouse we are so far out. 4. of the four “major” races, I have realized that the movie depicted here was the oldest,and its an insectoid race. They consider themselves god to every other race, (even of the other 3) and us. 5. One of the large greys talked about them when I was a child, and pronounced their name. It is very, very difficult to pronounce. It starts similiarly to assuccaaa–and ends with una. I cannot pronounce it myself, but the guy in the film butchered it badly. 6. you will probably never see your daughter again. 7. I was lucky, I was supposed to be eaten myself, but another grey came into the room and stated that they had enough food for them all allready. They turned to me and stated that I was a very lucky boy. 8. they speak perfect english, and to them all of our languages here are easy to learn. 9. It takes so long to get here that they have to enter into a state of hybernation and not all of them survive the trip. Then they eat who-ever does not make it. 10. one of the last definative things they told me that I remember was that if they could ever find a way to bridge the gap, in terms of time, to travel to our planet to theirs, then we are all dead. 11. Oh yeh, one last thing. they said that there was an asteroid comming our way and that it would be apparently close when I would be 48. I am 45 now. and then told me to have my children early. I reserve my rights to my experiences,and do not convey any rights to this website.

  5. YO YO YO


  6. sean thomas

    the part when the police cruiser caught the image of large black object over the house that is evidece right there.
    its funny how they can use the cam in court. how come they suppressed that evidence.

    sean thomas
    Former united states navy.
    long island N.Y.

    • gabriel

      Well to answer your question its very simple yet generic. There wasn’t enough camera time for it to be even admissible as evidence. To tell the truth the camera glitching up is enough to punt it right out of the evidence.

  7. Tim

    Look one thing everyone has to remember is the Fourth Kind is only a movie. Written and designed to get a response from their viewers and get their money. The movie ET didn’t really happen.


    • Mimi

      Why would they make up something like that? I understand about the money but they didnt make that much!. And there was real edvidence on the movie, how can youh deny it, maybe yourh just to afraid to believe in this stuff -_-

      • Anthony

        The footage in the film is not real.

        • Starlight_Angel

          How in the hell is the footage not real? Ur talkin through ur back side. It is real.

          Don’t tell me u don’t believe in spirits either … what do u believe in mate?

          P.S. I am very sorry if i sound really mean and cheeky but i do really believe in this stuff. And there is actual footage in the movie, so it’s evidence.


          • Charlene

            The so called “real” footage is not real at all. And the lady that was suppost to be the real Dr. Tyler is an actress named Charlotte Milchard.


  8. Anthony Davis

    So after watching the fourth kind i was shocked! the footage they have is incrediable of acctual people under hypnosis shaking and levitating off of the bed or the video of the black object flying over the tyler’s house ive seen spirts in the past that taken my breath away never exsperienced U.F.O’s befor but i defanitley belive theres just some things in this world or universe man cant explain or control and i think when it comes to the case of missing people in Nome the F.B.I is completley in denile and want to put a rational reason behind it because they dont want to belive whats going on

  9. richard lingnau

    I just watched the movie last night and i believe this is all real.Ashley, dont ever give up hope because i believe your baby girl is still alive out there somewhere.I also think time is a different thing with these beings.It makes one wonder if she has aged in features.I wish there was someway to go get her and bring her back so your pain could be eased.I believe she is alright.There has to be reason they took her,please dont give up hope.

  10. gabriel

    well Ive seen the movie twice now and I find it interesting that they speak in ancient summarian. odd. i would think if they were to have made this up they would have used another type of language. not to mention that the explaination was just a bit to prefabricated. the thing that gets me is no bodies were ever found.

  11. gabriel

    there is another thing, what about the archival footage? why wasnt the sherrif shown the footage from before the murder suicide and like wise the last interview with the man who broke his own back?
    or better yet how about her own interview? Now I have a theory about the two people self-destructing. and that is since they were pre hyptnotized maybe the suggestion was so powerful that the body destroyied itself.
    makes you wonder what your mind can do huh?

    • L.P.

      Funny you say that…I have a friend who is a therapist and she described the therapist in the movie as, “irresponsible.” Some of these people CAN put an idea in your head, so strong, that they actually believe that things happen to them. This is done by, believe it or not, psychotic psychologists…just for their OWN psychotic delusions.Some sick MFs!

  12. Mimi

    Wow im very interested in this ufo stuff. But what im feard most is that someday the ufo’s or aliens may take over the world and can control over us. I just dont get it why some people wont belive in this stuff and belive in the government what THEY say! they have been keeping secrets from us,! i understand that if they do tell us about ufo’s they think everyone is going to turn crazy!. But we need to know the truth try to be safe. But all i know that I hope that the children that has been taken and never came back I hope they will be returned. How painful will it be to loose someone so close to youh and never find out about them. People understand that thease unmortal un human bieng’s are REAL

  13. bobby kamm

    i have seen fourth kind alot and i dnt know if i believe that if it did happen thats amazing and your daughter is still alive and she will return safely home

  14. ben

    hi all,
    i have never posted to any site like this before but since watching the film i found myself curious “very curious” for various reasons,
    i find people amazing & the reasoning we use to believe or not believe, for example i am a christian baptised but choose not to practise the religion,in saying that i still have some faith in respect to the fact there has to be a reason for our existance otherwise whats the point, basically worldwide there are hundreds of religions & 99% of them believe in a celestial creator or god, one of the biggest being the roman catholic church, or to describe it another way the biggest bank & corporation in the history of mankind & by the way i am a catholic baptised & raised, but i have studied history & engineering sciences also other religions & some languages 1 being latin,
    my point being there has been so much suppression compresion miss translation down through out the ages, so much information lost to war & distruction its frightening because the people who win wars destroy there opposing factions & then get to write the history all over.
    & religion is behind 99% of war & economys the vatican has a library bigger than & more secure than any other full of ancient scrolls texts & artifacts that not even the cia could get to see even if they wanted to,
    check out this link on you tube if you like after watching that film you might find it very interesting,,,
    The Mars-Earth Connection: Cydonia in Ancient Science and Mythology – David Flynn , & remember that you can also look up sumerian artifacts on the web & that sumatra or sumeria were all meditteranean eastern & european the evidence is there & always has been

  15. rob

    Umm you people are nuts! I think there are aliens. However this is a MOVIE! A SCREEN PLAY! None of the footage was real! there was no little girl taken in a shop with video footage of a ufo over the house seconds before! think about it, you wouldn’t have heard about that? they where all actors even the “real” footage. they first of all would not have put POLICE DASH CAM in a movie! i do think there sighTing are real there and most everywhere but this was a MOVIE!

  16. dfgdfg

    ok considering how big the universe is there has to be some other kind of life form out there. Whatever is out there is more then likey more intelligent then human beings because think about it aliens have found us but we cant find them and if they are making ufos then they must know something.. and they probably use humans for testing and shit like that you would have to be nieve to believe that we’re alone in the Universe. TEll me your thoughts about alien abductions.

  17. parvas24

    it is grim truth …that part is strange people who know the area well enough went missing … FBI did not interview enough local folks that is weird … everybody want to know the truth …
    THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE …. does that sound familiar !!!

  18. john

    i have seen the movie…
    they have shown a real video and footage of that phycologist Dr.Tyler. what about that ???
    are those things real ???
    the man flying above his bed recorded on a video, voices of aliens…
    there must be some thing extra terrestrial….

  19. Larse

    It’s a movie!!! If this were real footage, the CIA would of swooped it up, and told everyone to not talk about it!

  20. Anthony

    Yeah I believe in UFO’s, but as people have said, IT IS A FILM, that’s all, all the footage in it is faked. Plus you cant show executions on TV, well not in the UK anyway, even if it is blurred out.

    Google is your friend anyway, always tells the truth if you look hard enough 🙂

  21. tim

    well i have seen the movie.and even though they have actors to portray the actual events i have seen evidence myself. but even for those that cant believe, think of it this way,to think that we are the only living planet life is pretty naive.and think of this,when the first adam bomb went off it was able to be seen from space.what if someone was watching and seen that we have come so far with our weapons of mass do the comes roswell!!!!!

  22. aquib

    Hi I am a muslim , i have been taught about civilised creatures who existed probably eons before Adam & hawa we call them jinns they are of three types reptilian ,canine & winged they have no definite shape. the winged jinns(fairies) take people away sometimes give them back ,sometimes keep them & do a lot of stufs to them .lot of people in midle east have been abducted both after & before Islam . Some jinns are muslims & others Syateens ,they keep their distance . syateens visited ancient people & posed as gods . Abraham spoke against this religions & told us to worship one God in all our heart .I have also been told that deep down I am way stronger then them .The syateens Do not except this fact.muslim jinns dont harm us in any way .They live in their world, hardly ever come in our world .though i have heard an acount of somebody once met muslim jinns where mislim jinns completely ignored him . syateens come here all the time . Do you think aliens are jinns .

  23. sally mae

    I think you all should watch the series ANCIENT ALIENS on the History channel. If you look at the pyramids and some of the “GOD” drawings they show similarities to what we know as extraterrestrials today. Plus there are some ancient paintings that have UFO’s drawn in them. I mean come on the evidence is right of us and has been there the entire time. It kind of makes you wonder were we REALLY came from…..I believe in all of this stuff and the footage on the movie is pretty convincing, I know they have special effects, but honestly the distortion of the faces doesn’t look like any special effects I have ever seen. To Ashley….I hope that you will find your little girl. I am a mother myself and I do not know what I would I do if either of my little ones came up missing….My prayers are with you and your family.

  24. Tony

    I think it is best to keep an open mind. This film was most definitely NOT made with strictly informational purposes in mind, but it does illicit some meaningful emotions.
    I know there are people who experience things that they cannot explain. It is easy to dismiss such things as lunacy or that they were percieved from an impaired state whether it be psychological or physiologcal. Many of these things are probably exactly that.

    One thing about science is the more we know, the more we realize we don’t know. Questions give birth to more questions, and the average family size is two point four million. (Not an actual statistic 😉
    Allow me to illustrate my point in connection to this film like this..
    Not terribly long ago Sir Isaac Newton published his radical theories on the motion of celestial bodies. When tested by using his equations to predict the location of celestial bodies he was found to be quite accurate.. not perfect, but VERY accurate. Thus we used his model (and still largely do) to describe our Universe. His theories revolved (pardon the pun 🙂 around the idea that matter exerted a ‘gravitional influence’ on objects in their vicinity and vice versa. Factoring in multiple objects ‘gravitational influence’ on the the velocity of an object we are able to predict the motion of celestial bodies very accurately, but not PERFECTLY.
    Then along comes a guy named Albert Einstein who brings some different and radically complicated equations to the drawing board. When using Einsteins equations to calculate and predict the location of celestial bodies they fit PERFECTLY. (Maybe we won’t say that in twenty years.. Maybe we’ll just say he had the right idea.. but.. I digress)
    His theories revolved (I did it again!) around the idea that objects in the Universe simply followed the structure of something ‘four dimensional’ called spacetime. The structure of this is influenced by the objects in it. The more mass the object had the greater the influence. Like spreading a sheet tight and dropping a baseball on it and trying the same thing with a bowling ball. We cannot see the structure of spacetime because it is too massive and we cannot percieve things four dimensionally because we simply perceive them three dimensionally. Einstein factored the structure of spacetime into his equations and got them to fit PERFECTLY. You SEE… we CAN’T SEE 😉 spacetime but we can detect it by observing its influence on objects in it and vice versa. Just like SEEING the wind blowing the trees.

    Finally, here is my point…

    If we believe our current model of the Universe it would be hazardous, at best, to dismiss everything we cannot explain or perceive as merely fictional. If we exist and percieve things three dimensionally then perhaps there are intelligent entities who exist and perceive things ‘four dimensionally’. Things that exist within the fabric of spacetime itself. Beings such as this would be virtually invisible to us and for all intents and purposes be “gods” of us lowly three dimensional beings. Of course it would be impossible to prove such claims unless such entities make contact with us in some way… or perhaps by observing their influence on objects or people around them…
    Lets do ourselves a favor and keep an open mind good people, we have so much to learn…

    *Cliche alert!*

    “The truth is out there…” 😉

  25. Jo

    I watched the film last night for the first time never heard of it before finding it in video store, thought it was brilliant!I guess it did its job as i wanted to find out more about Nome and these encounters lets just hope if they do come they dont want to hurt us like the film but maybe see what we are doing to our great planet and try to stop us destroying it till its too late. I do believe we are not alone how can we not be? are we so self centred to think we are the only life in the huge universe? we cant be!

  26. Allen

    Check out the arrangement on the table during the second hypnosis session. During the re-creation it seems to be disturbed. In the “original recording” which is shown intermittently the arrangement appears as it was after it was disturbed. This would indicate that the “actual” recording was filmed AFTER the re-creation. It’s interesting that the dramatization would be filmed on the same couch, with the same fingerprints and the same arrangement in the exact same spot to begin with.

    I’m not opposed to the idea that we are being visited, I just don’t believe that this particular film portrays actual events.

  27. Angelina

    I am a mother to a 3 yr old son. All I have to say is this: if, for any reason, there was an officer watching my house and witnessed a black object flying above and “pulling” us out by a bright light and then the police were to enter my home and find me hysterical, claiming that my child had been taken through the ceiling by a light and she was now MISSING, I HIGHLY DOUBT that the police would just leave me there, closing the door behind them! They would have had her either committed or arrested if this were how it really went down.

  28. Nancy

    Hi you guys. I did a little research of my own after watching the movie. The “real” Abby is played by actress Charlotte Milchard. You can google her and see for yourself. I’m not saying these things aren’t real, but this particular movie wasn’t.

  29. Casey

    aliens are some kind of cover up story by the US government… Aliens are NOT real!!! what kind of idiot would really think that???? c’mon people!!! we have the technology now that we can look just about anywhere in the universe…. don’t you think that somebody would have said something by now??? i know the government would try to cover it up if aliens were real, but somewhere, somehow it would leak out….

    • Sophie

      Do you have any idea how big the universe is??? It is very likely that there is other life out there somewhere. We are not that technologically advanced as we havent really been able to look beyonf our solar system yet

      • Jerry

        I apologize that I can’t remember almost anything. I have an illness which causes me to forget. It is only possible to go the speed of light. It is impossible to go to another planet in another universe. Get real: I know they talk about finding a (opening) sorry I can’t remember the name.

  30. Momma Jean

    I wake up almost every night at about 2:30….should I be concerned? I am not kidding . Fact or fiction this movie scared the sh** out of me. As a Mom the abduction of Ashley upset me the most. I agree that if we think we ate the only ones…we are foolish.

  31. Rod Beaton

    Sorry, The Kenneth Arnold Chart is not the
    Chart most of the ‘Abductions’ are on.

    Though ‘Betty and Barney Hill’ case is, but they’re also on another chart as well- With the Travis Walton Case..

    Very sorry…

    I’d tell what chart is, but then I wouldn’t be able to collect data and verify my hypothesis..
    A lot of times, I discover I’m wrong
    only to discover something better soon afterwards..
    Rod Beaton

  32. Pam

    I believe we are not alone in this universe and i also believe in spirits from the other side.
    The alien race is of a much higher intelligence than we can even begin to understand. There are also different kinds of aliens some are harmless some want to cause harm!!!!!!
    I would give the ouiji board a mega wide birth also as this is a door way for not so nice spirits to come into this world.
    I very strongly believe they (the higher intelligence) are watching us at all times and they abduct us to do experiments on as we are their biggest experiment (like ants in a glass ant farm)!!!!!!!!!

  33. Alex

    the government doesnt want us to know of any case of abduction, but they realize that they cannot hide everything from us. certain technology we use today has been hypothesized that “aliens” had given our government the technology long ago. if you truly look at what is there, like i have, you will realize that the forces we are dealing with are intelligent, violent in nature, and does understand our race. the knowledge i have frightens me, and would frighten you as well, so rejoice that you are ignorant. i can only wish i am, but i am not.

  34. John Doe

    I too like some of you have had an experience. I’m pretty sure it was a dream but it seemed awfully real. I had a girlfriend sleeping over at my parents house one weekend and they made us sleep in separate areas. I slept on the couch in the living room while she slept in my old bedroom. It’s a smaller house and my old bedroom isn’t very far from the couch that I was sleeping on. Anyway, in the middle of the night or early morning I was awakened by something standing over me. I immediatly new something was wrong because I was paralyzed from the neck down. I couldn’t move at all execpt for my head. The figure had moved in the direction of my old bedroom and bright white lights started to appear form the room. I was extremely frieghtend for my girlfriend and couldn’t do anything about it. I remember yelling and calling out to her but nothing was coming out of my mouth. The next thing I remember was waking up in the a.m. but everything seemed to be ok. I still to this day don’t know if it was a dream or not, but it something that I can remember very vividly to this day. I certainly believe.

  35. Liz

    Didn’t our “wise” people once believe that the world was flat. Didn’t they once believe there was no one else on this planet. We learn things everyday, every year, every decade that we didn’t know the one before. I do believe that there are “others” out there. Would we be so vain as to think that we are the only living, breathing, intelligent beings in all that is space? What would those people that used to think the world was flat think If they were to see the world today? What will the world (if it is still here) 500 years from now be like? Will they laugh at us like we laughed at the people that thought the world was flat? Hmmm….

  36. Brayden

    Aliens are as real as they get…. You would have to be an idiot to actually think we are the only intelligent beings in this universe… How did we build the pyramids of Egypt? Even modern day architects say even with all our supposed technology it would be damn near impossible to get the symmetrical lines of the pyramids. Look at the writing inside the pyramids some resemble rocket ships landing and giving human beings the gift of language and taught us how to build. Some of the writings and symbols resemble modern day space craft beings in masks and what appears to be re-breathing tanks.. Then let’s jump half away around the world to the myans and Aztecs look at some of the gold statues they made they look exactly like modern day planes now think hard how would an ancient civilization know what a plane looks like? And scientists have even rebuilt the statues and carvings and scaled them in to bigger sizes and tested the aerodynamics of them and they were perfectely aerodynamic… And these where supposed to be primitive people?

  37. goodtonysdo123

    Wonderful Essay !

    To be passional for your artical , i translate it for my nations convenient reading .

    Here is it .








    1.第一种情况 – 目击UFO或者近距离观察

    2.第二种情况 – 实际物理上发现UFO的证据

    3.第三种情况 – 类似史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格的外形物种与人直接遭遇的电影情节,是与外星人和外星生物的直接接触,而不是外星飞船。

    4.第四种情况 – 外星绑架

    5.第五种情况 – 被外星人绑架后脑电波能随时与外星人沟通的情况




  38. AJ

    Read Zechariah Sitchin’s “The Earth Chronicles” starting with “The 12th Planet.” His amazing, in-depth research shows that the ancient “gods” were actually aliens that came to Earth to mine it for precious metals. Their language was Sumerian which was naturally taught to the “priest” humans who were allowed to communicate with them. When I saw the movie, it struck a chord with the books… it’s certainly possible that they are still here.

  39. dalton

    I believe aliens are real!. I’m from manitoba. Canada I just turned 19 tonight, but a couple hours before I turned 19 my brothers girl friend wanted to phone her friend. She was really conserned about this interception she was listening to, instead of her friends answering machine it was a very undiscribable distorted alien like voice. She hung up, she tried phoning her again and her friend picked up. My brothers GF asked her friend why she didn’t pick up the first time and her friend said she left a message. My brothers GF friend sent her the voice mail and It was something I have never heard before. It was definitly something not from here. now again something else happened jus after that voice mail, we were all heading to bed to go upstairs. I was playing games in my room after everyone was settled in there room, at the time it was around 3am when I felt my bed vibrating it felt so weird at the time so I stopped playing my game and I could here my mom open her door and she was talking to my father about there bed vibratings also including there window. Is there anyone who can explain what happend? PS: (Me and my family have sighted unexplained things in the air throughout are lives)

  40. Ruddockz

    US doing their military training in Alaska. I think everybody knows about that. Some of the American become the victims from this training activity.

  41. jayjay

    i have just recently watched this movie, i really wanna know if this alien abductions were true , years ago when i was about 11 i believe i have seen an UFO , i looked up into the sky and there was this bright light this was about midday time and when i turned around to look again it was gone , i had only turned for a second. i thaught i must had been imagining but when i watched this movie i do believe that we are not alone in this world and unervirse . the little girl that went missing ASHLEY TYLER i think her name was , has she been found ? . does anybody know whats really going to happen to us if we are not alone in this unevirse ?

  42. chels

    I agree with Pam. Most of them are mean though.

  43. Kayla Sartin

    Well, I must say that this is an unbelivible movie, but it must be true in some value. I ‘ve watched, analyzed, and researched this movie a total of 6 times. My conclusion to the possibility of members of an alien race visiting us is quite possibe. If there can be life on one planet than there must life on another. The universe is an everlasting place of time and space. We shouldn’t be afraid of whats out there. Do we want others in the universe to think Humans from Earth are cowards!! I think not.

    By the way I’m only twelve.

  44. Kerry

    I just watched The Fourth Kind for the first time! To agree that it is a creepy movie, would, by no means, describe it’s emotional impact it has on the viewer! I, myself, have seen lights in the sky at night, as well as objects during the daylight hours! I would be self-centered, to think anyone would believe me, when I talk about what I have seen, but, yet, I also do have a witness to one sighting, and he was just as dumbfounded to try to explain what we had seen, but see it we did! This Universe we live in, is only now being more understood, than at any time in our history! The way we are advancing, at the rate we are, in technology, who are we to say that there are not other, more advanced Races of Intelligent beings out there, who have already found us, if not, have already been here for many centuries?!! We are but children, in the age of the Universe! There are Galaxies out there, that are billions of years older than our own! I’d say, with that amount of time, something must have already advanced, technology wise, to be able to cross the vast expanses of the cosmos! I think it’s time we started thinking outside the common belief, that we are alone! I, for one, do not believe that!

  45. Brookie B

    I have not yet seen the movie, but anyday now I out to walmart to purchase it. I believe in ufo to the fullest. I live in Alaska not from Nome but Fairbanks and its a state I think everyone should at least visit once. Alot of weird stuff happens here on like a everyday thing. In the summer you can almost see a rainbow every single day, thats not really weird but its pretty lol. But as of weird I was standing outside smoking and it was snowing. On the sidewalk as I turned to walk in the house I seen foot prints being made in the snow nobody was there! I was creeped out and ran in. But I love this state, I would never leave.

  46. jim nashonik

    “WOW”, Ok now, a lot of people in this world apparently don’t do much research. I am a lifelong Alaskan. Have any of you been to Nome AK?
    Have any of you even seen a real Alaskan Native from the north???? Well guess what~~they certainly are not white looking people.
    There are no trees in Nome as shown in the movie. If this movie is so fact based, then why didn’t they use the footage with real Alaskan Natives?????

    Being the largest state in the nation, yet the smallest population wise, word travels like wildfire in our great beautiful state, and nobody I know has ever even heard of these so called disappearances. People disappear without a trace each and every year in the Great State Of Alaska due to it being such a rugged terrain state with some very extreme weather conditions~blizzards, avalanches, hurricane force winds and torrential rain that can happen at anytime!

    And, every year unfortunately, Native people from Nome and all over the great north disappear due to snow machine accidents involving alcohol and riding where they shouldn’t, and yes without a trace, and even whole snowmobile’s disappear. By the way, that wasn’t Nome in the movie not even close to what it looks like. Nome is a wind blown tundra land with no trees and mostly Natives.

    • John Doe

      So Jim, your saying Hollywood is wrong. No Way, Impossible. lol. I’ve never been to Nome, AK but the movie was very convincing. Although I still do believe in what seems to be Hollywood fiction, it is nice to read someones actual facts of Nomes native land. Is anyone else out there from Nome, Alaska? If so, what do you have to say?

  47. Bill

    Jim, having just watched this on DVD tonight, yours is the most sensible comment I have read on this site.

  48. Andy

    Wow, for a bunch of alien research types, your research skills are weak. Some of you who refuse to understand this is fiction seem borderline delusional. This is a mockumentary–they are very popular now. The director fakes the interviews with little-know actors, and uses fx and old video cameras to simulate old footage. Then he films high production value re-enactments with Mila, Will and the other well-known folks.

    From all internet evidence it seems the story is made up, Dr. Tyler is made up, and the rest is a screenplay pieced together with interesting reported anomalies. Discussing the actual books and cases this script drew from would be the topic to discuss, but this film id 100% Hollywood. Why is this so hard to grasp?

  49. KD Wright

    I watched this movie a few months ago and it freaked the living daylights out of me. Let me say that not a lot of things scare me and I have loved suspense/horror movies since I was 5. My dear nanny (she was 98 when she passed away many years ago)as well as my grandfather (passed too) used to tell me stories about weird ghostly like beings and one thing that both of them told me time and time again: “I believe it and don’t believe it at the same time” – In other words, even without proof of what’s out there, it’s just too many people telling these stories and adding to the fact that there are plenty of documentaries which tells us the many studies experts have immersed themselves and have found ‘unexplicable coincidences’ so borderline delusional or not what ask yourself “why not” not ‘why’ so that’s my two cents. Keep your minds open, always!

  50. kb notts

    I believe that there IS such thing as alien life forms, and if not ‘alien,’ then definitely some kind of being. I mean, why not?

    Earth is a part of the Milky Way galaxy. In our solar system there are 9 planets; earth being one. If one solar system in the universe holds a planet with life on it, then people should really have a think. No matter how clever humans are (scientists), they will never even be able to discover the planets within our solar system.

    We’ve managed to step on the moon and get a camera to Mars. he rest are too many light years away. So, putting this into consideration with the universe being so big, our solar system is nothing but a dot on an A1 piece of paper in comparison. So if we are breathing on earth and with the universe being what it is, I do not believe for a second that we are the only planet with living organisms.

  51. lrecon

    Man finds script then finds contact while searching for proof leaving no stone nor earthly object untouched. And, still they become abducted. Are we in contact or control or are they making human puppets for gold while mining the simple minded? If some people say that man was made in alien form, they must be able to know everything about man already. Why abduct a probe if they already know about them? I think they must have a GOD over them to not and why did elders of churches long ago take them out of the bible? Did the truth hurt them?

  52. Boghos L. Artinian MD

    Alien abduction

    We can take cells from your body, insert alien genes into them, and re-inject them into your body and your other cells would not notice anything.

    In a similar manner, ‘they’ can take (Abduct) human beings from society and insert alien thoughts into their brains and release them among us, and nobody would believe their claims.


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