Alien Abductions in Australia on the Rise

Alien Abductions in Australia on the Rise

Alien abductions in Australia seem to be on the rise according to Mary Rodwell, the founder of ACERN, the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network.

Alien Abductions Australia

Mary Rodwell of ACERN

In her practice as a psychological counselor and alien UFO investigator, Rodwell has encountered quite a few people who have experienced alien abductions by extraterrestrial beings. Many who have experienced these alien abductions are from the Darwin, Northern Territory region.

All of her counseling patients from the Darwin area have experienced similar instances of strange markings and bruises on their bodies upon waking in the morning as well as missing time. Some have even had situations where they wake up outside of their homes with the doors locked and are unsure how they got outside. Others have seen strange lights and mystery objects in the sky as well.

As with many who have experienced traumas of varying sorts, many of these experiencers of alien abductions have not wanted to go public with their alien abduction stories as they fear the public’s response to their encounters. Certainly many are still confused by the situation and haven’t yet been able to come to terms with their experience.

One key factor Rodwell points out is that all of these witnesses are credible and articulate people without any history of mental illness. They also never believed in alien abductions or UFOs prior to their own personal experience.

As more and more Australians report their own alien encounters, Rodwell feels that many more stories of alien abductions will come to light.

Rodwell’s non-profit organization offers counseling and therapeutic support for those who have experienced alien abductions, UFO information, support groups and more. Information about ACERN can be found on their website at: ACERN can also be reached by email,

We’ve written other stories about alien abductions and UFO sightings in Australia. Any one have their own experience with alien abductions to share?

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