It was December 22, 2005 when a married couple, Donna & Clayton Lee of Houston, claimed they were part of a true alien abduction. Their alien abduction story was reported by Local 6 News in Orlando, Florida.

The husband and wife claim they were abducted by aliens several times over their 19 year marriage. Donna Lee also reports she was taken while pregnant and lost her unborn child due to the alien abduction.

Her husband, Clayton, stated that he has been abducted numerous times throughout his life and remembers his first alien abduction occurred while he was playing in a Houston park as a small child. He remembers floating into the sky and just seeing stars and the darkness of space before passing out. Additionally, he has a scar on his side that he believes was caused by aliens attempting to take DNA samples from him.

The couple underwent hypnotism in order to recover memories of the incidents. They were hypnotized by Harvard psychiatrist, Susan Clancy, who wanted to include their story in the book she was writing about alien abductions. Donna Lee was able to draw a picture of her alien abductor, and her husband confirmed the appearance as the same in his personal abduction experience as well.

While the psychiatrist doesn’t believe in alien abductions, she nevertheless interviewed countless people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. Her main contention is that there are numerous explanations for people like the Lees who have alien abduction stories. She names such things as sexual difficulties, nightmares, psychological issues and anxiety as being able to mimic the same symptoms as alien abduction proponents claim.

Despite Clancy’s psychological point of view, the Lees expect that they will meet these alien beings once again in future alien abductions.

Interestingly, the Lees are not alone in their experience. In a 1997 magazine poll, Time magazine reported that 2 percent of people polled claimed they had personally experienced an alien abduction or knew someone who had been abducted. Based on those numbers, that would indicate more than 5 million Americans have experienced an alien abduction.

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