Alien Abduction Story from Vancouver Canada

Alien Abduction Story from Vancouver Canada

One of our readers, Kevin, just submitted his own alien abduction story that occurred in September 1987. He was returning home from his work in Vancouver, British Columbia when it seems that he experienced some lost time and disturbance from his normal routine.

As with many alien abductees, Kevin first became aware that something strange had taken place when he began having recurring strange dreams. He later learned that the dreams seemed to have been the result of his own alien abduction experience.
You will find Kevin’s original submission below. Has anyone had similar occurrences or dream states along this same theme? We would really like to hear from those who have experienced Canadian UFO sightings or alien encounters. Please leave your comments in the section below:

Name:     Kevin

Date & Time of Alien Abduction:     September 1987

Place of Abduction:     Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Details of Alien Abduction:

I had been doing my work which consisted of going store to store, and in this case, I decided to work in my immediate neighbourhood.  I put up posters all over the lower mainland of Vancouver so I finished late (around 9 p.m.).  I then went to a neighbourhood pub/restaurant to eat and have a couple pints and relax because there was nothing except my cat. My wife had passed away that previous spring of a heart attack.

After having dinner and a few pints I left around midnight, closing time. There was a bus stop across the street, and I waited there which seemed like eternity. I then decided to start walking. I could see straight down the street (4th avenue) and I began the walk. It happened 2 blocks later. I don’t remember the details or anything at all at that time (in fact it took me years of these reoccurring dreams to finally realize what happened to me more on that later).  So my place was 14 blocks up 4th and down 2 blocks. I only remember being at my apartment building door with my keys opening the front door then walking up to my place, unlocking my apt. door walking in. No cat which was unusual because she would always greet me. And I didn’t do my usual routine which was to walk around the place and grab a glass of water look around at least. Instead i went straight from apt. door to bedroom, took my clothes off and went to sleep not knowing what had happened!!!!!

So, all through the rest of the ’80’s into the ’90’s i was having these dreams. Sometimes several times a week, and I would wake totally puzzled. What were these dreams and where and why am I having them?!!!  What is even more incredible was I ended up moving and ended up across street and 1 block from where i was abducted!! Oh, by the way the block where it happened is a sports field. Anyhow, I moved in 2001 (post 9/11) around Christmas to the mountain base of North Vancouver. Shortly after moving in I experienced one of the recurring dreams that told me what happened and I call it the “the cosmic taxicab”.

I was lying on what I felt was a metal bed, but it was warm.  I was naked. I was frozen in place (I could not move a muscle except my eyes). My head was tilted to the left, and I saw at least 5 beings several feet away to the left from the shortest at both ends to the tallest in middle. The middle one turned out to be the one who spoke to me telepathically saying, and I kid you not (do not worry we won’t hurt you).

I looked around. Like I said, my eyeballs were able to rotate. I looked down towards my feet, and there was a very bright light around my crotch.  At my side were two other aliens standing.  They all wore long, greyish robes except for the tall one who talked to me. They looked like us I couldn’t identify them except that they were shorter than average. I was also able to see behind me & saw several others. I talked to one of the people at UFO B.C.   Truly, Kevin


So what do you think? Could Kevin’s alien encounter dream just be the result of a hard day’s work, drinking a few beers and being overtired? Or was it more than just tiredness and vivid dreaming? Let us know in the comment section below.

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