Alien Abduction Story from Lexington Kentucky

Alien Abduction Story from Lexington Kentucky

An alien abduction story was sent in from one of Lexington, Kentucky readers. Apparently something strange occurred to Tore L. on August 14th of this year around 3:30 a.m. What seemed to start as a dream sequence turned into what she feels was a possible alien abduction scenario. While her husband was in the room when it occurred, all he mentioned at the time was that there was a bright light, and her cat that is normally not affectionate at all came running to her. Read her account as reported to us in her own words.

Did any one witness any UFO sightings in Kentucky on August 14th or have anything strange also occur that evening? Please comment in the section below to let everyone know about anything you might have seen during that time period in Lexington or surrounding areas of Kentucky.

Alien Abductions in Kentucky

Name: Tore L

Date & Time of Alien Abduction:  August 14, 2011

Place of Abduction:  Lexington, Kentucky

Details of Abduction:

Look, I am a scholar and researcher in the medical field. I am not a nutcase, and I have to say – I am one of those people – the ones that say they have been abducted. Though, to explain, I had the feeling and “dream” before, but it was always vague so I would joke about it with my hubby or family. The weird dream struck again. I guess the other day, I was not “normal” and I actually understood the experience!

What I mean is, I was up putting papers together, had oodles of caffeine I was off the wall. About 3 a.m. I felt exhausted (14 Aug 2011) so I went up to my bedroom to sleep. Husband was sound asleep.  I slept as normal, I was dreaming.  I was dreaming of a hospital but it wasn’t one I had seen before.  There was a man in a room and I was in like a waiting room, he was in a bed and waiting to get out.  He had a cigarette I joined him.  An ashtray had been knocked over as well which I lied about to someone in my dream, saying I didn’t know anything- but I don’t remember who.  Anyway, here is the weird thing, I fell asleep on this guy’s hospital room floor (in my dream) and woke up wondering where my clothes were.  I knew he was waiting to leave so not seeing him there was OK for me and I was wondering where the shorts I was wearing instead of my sweatpants and purple underwear I was wearing when I went to bed went.  Then I remember being in this waiting area there was a circular  feature of some kind with green plants inside, the windows were vast , though it was super dark outside. Now that I think about it the window panes were really, really big.  Then suddenly I remember being in a room with a doctor, I was standing and he had some sort of notepad thing. He was taking notes and was talking about something, and me chatty as can be said “Now that you mention it…I…” He glanced up from his pad and smiled.  The smile I remember it even now was coarse, creepy and at that moment I thought– hold on this is all fake, he is fake I then don’t remember (Or chose not to remember) anything after that. I know it freaked me out. I am sick to my stomach writing this.  Anyway, one would say it is a freaky dream right? But here is where it got weird.

I don’t know if this happened in two segments before and after or just after-  but I remember being in my bed on my right side facing my husband who was facing me and I woke up because I could hear something like loud crickets or a pulse or something.  I attempted to move and nudge my husband but I couldn’t. I felt bound though my left hand was limp weak I felt that I very weakly squeezed my husband’s forearm and tried to scream.  Suddenly from the upper corner of the wall I was facing I could see black streaks coming out.  At first I thought they were insects they were coming out slowly really slowly and then they picked up the pace like the wall was dissolving into black.

There was a bright blue–electric blue light flooding the room, I could feel it – coming from behind.  My husband woke up! I was suddenly relieved but all he did was look straight at me and turn over!!   I then thought omg I am being abducted.  At that point I said to myself, or them, please do not let me see you- I will not get over that- if you are taking me, do not let me see you. I am not strong enough to get over that- in the meantime, I felt like I was going through a blue vortex thing, with a black hole at the end of it.  I could feel electricity pulsing through me.  I said to myself or them. Please don’t let me see you and if you are really aliens, make me better if I am ill. Make me smarter so that I can find cures please.  At that point I began to pray. The black hole was becoming bigger and bigger as if I was getting closer to something.  Then I felt electricity, blue electricity running through me – as if I could see it- suddenly I felt as if I fell to my bed.  I lay there still, only to have my Siamese RUN to me literally RUN to me and he is not affectionate at all! I lay there for a bit and then I got up and beat the crap out of my husband who at that point said, “The light was too bright honey I told you to turn it off…” I ran to my kids’ room and they were fine. Today, I Googled around and saw that on August 14th in KY there was a sighting of a UFO.

This was really scary, and to be honest exhilarating too, but I did have a hard time sleeping last night – thinking of that pulse or cricket sound.  I am a bit freaked out.  I am not smarter than I was and no electrical issues that I know of – but at 5:27 I received a call from work which was about 10 min after I “came to”- Freaky- anyone else out there experience this?  Today almost 10 days later I have a swollen upper lip and my front teeth hurt. Subtle but there- with no dental issues just pain.


Thank you for sharing your alien abduction story Tore. If anyone has any comments or shared experiences such as Tore, please let us know in the comments below or submit your story in our Alien Abduction Report or UFO Sightings section.


  1. Patrick kammer

    I believe your story. I have seen a blue light in the sky, and it came straight towards me. It was so bright it made me close my eyes, and when I opened them the bright blue light disappeared! One of the craziest experiences ever, and no one believed me!

  2. Lori Taylor

    THANK YOU ~ for being brave enough to share your story. I am so HAPPY TO HEAR YOU PRAYED during your ordeal , as I have always wondered if praying made it any easier. I believe in GOD and ALIENs I just wonder how its all going to come together, you know? Namaste

  3. Stanley Rama

    If you read the 4th book of the Convoluted Universe by Delores Cannon, I think you will see how it fits together. Also see the David Wilcock interview at Camelot Project… And don’t be afraid 🙂 it will be alright. We are moving into the next phase for Earth.


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