Alien Abduction Story Finds Star Map Inaccurate

Alien Abduction Story Finds Star Map Inaccurate

For those familiar with the alien abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill, you’re probably aware that Betty Hill was able to recreate a star map shown to her by the Grey aliens that she claims abducted the couple. Based on past research by UFO researcher, Marjorie Fish, the alien’s home on the star map seen by Hill seems to lie within Zeta Reticuli.

New research suggests that this location may not be accurate. According to author and researcher, Steve Pearse, testimony from the alien encounter case of Kay and Erik Wilson seems to connect the Betty Hill star map with the specific location detailed by Kay Wilson concerning their experience.

Alien Abduction of Kay and Erik Wilson

The Wilson couple encountered an alien being in July of 1993. Kay carefully documented the alien visitor’s conversation with her husband, Erik. The alien gave specific details about where the Greys are from, and it is from this description that ultimately uncovered that their information directly correlated with the star map of Betty Hill from 1964. It is interesting to note that the account is completely remembered by the couple without any need for memory recall using hypnosis or therapy.

Research and Book about Origin of Grey Aliens

For more detailed information about the Hill Wilson Star Map, we highly recommend that you visit the author’s website to learn more as he will be updating the data concerning Marjorie Fish’s interpretation and the Wilson alien encounter.

You may also enjoy reading Pearse’s book, Set Your Phaser to Stun. Pick up a copy today by visiting our alien abduction book link here. The author presents uses scientific techniques to draw conclusions about the actual home location of the Grey aliens based on the Betty Hill star map researched by Marjorie Fish and the actual alien encounter testimony of Kay and Erik Wilson.

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