Alien Abduction Story–Disappearance of Navy Crew in California

Alien Abduction Story–Disappearance of Navy Crew in California

Alien abduction stories in the year 1942 are few and far between. However, there is one possible alien abduction story that occurred at that time and is still an unsolved mystery. Two navy crewmen disappeared without a trace from normal patrol duty on a Navy Blimp.

On August 16, 1942 the United States Navy Blimp L-8 was patrolling the Farallones off the coast of San Francisco, California. It took off from Treasure Island at 6 a.m. and around 11 a.m. it was spotted by sunbathers as it briefly touched down on Ocean Beach. Shortly thereafter, it crashed in Daly City.

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Navy Blimp L-8 Crash

Within an hour of the crash, emergency responders arrived at the scene only to witness a bizarre situation. There was no one on board. The crew of 2 pilots were no where to be found. What was more disturbing is that nothing was out of place or missing. The parachutes and life rafts were stored in their proper position. The radio was operational. The engines were switched to an on position although most of the fuel had been dumped.

The first men to arrive to the crashed blimp reported that there was also warm coffee and half eaten sandwiches in the cabin as well; however, the Navy dismissed their claim as lacking valid proof. Interestingly, the crews of 2 fishing boats came forward and testified they had observed an oil slick in the ocean that day and actually witnessed the blimp descend and circle the oil slick. The crews brought up their fishing nets thinking the Navy blimp would be dropping depth charges on the slick, but curiously, the blimp ascended up toward the clouds. They testified that nothing dropped or fell from the vessel at that time.

The last communication that Treasure Island controllers had with the blimp was at 8:50 a.m. so it is surmised that the disappearance took place some time between 7:50 and 8:50 a.m.

The Navy conducted a land search for the missing crewmen. They believed that the crewmen were not on the ship while the blimp was over land. Their search continued in the ocean and on the coastline. Although the weather was clear and ocean was calm, the two men were never found.

Other than damage sustained when the vessel landed as well as from the firemen boarding it after the crash, the L-8 was still in working condition and continued to be used by the Navy until 1968. It was used from 1969 to 1982 as a Goodyear blimp. After it was retired, the gondola went back into storage, and in 2003, the control car was donated to the National Museum of Naval Aviation for public exhibition.

So what happened to these two missing navy pilots? The fact that they completely disappeared without a trace from an otherwise operational vehicle is baffling. Certainly if they had gone AWOL they would have later been discovered. Although extensive sea searches were made, no bodies were ever recovered. Could they have been victims of alien abduction? There is certainly no explanation for their disappearance and no evidence to suggest any other possibility. What do you think happened to the missing crewmen?

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  1. Otto Gross

    Hi. I’ve found the L-8 inquest folder and while there was no determination at the time there is a more reasonable explanation. I’m publishing details and evidence on my blog at and website,

    Cody and Admas fell but Cody survived and was later seen by his ex-Mother-in-law years later. He was dazed and confused as if he suffered brain damage that would occur from a fall from a great height.

    More details to come but there’s more to the story than a simple anti-submarine patrol.



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