One of our readers from Iowa, Nicole, just shared her experience with alien abductions on our report page. Thank you Nicole for being so open with your story.

We often hear stories of young women being abducted and impregnated by alien visitors, and Nicole’s account from her experience in September of 2010 about these very vivid dreams are very similar to ones we have heard in the past.  Particularly compelling is the idea of giving birth to triplet alien babies and a UFO spaceship room full of young women acting as a pregnancy ward in an alien outpost hospital.

Readers, please take a look at Nicole’s story and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Alien Abduction Story from Iowa

Name:     Nicole

Email:    Confidential

Date & Time of Alien Abduction:    Sept. 2010

Place of Abduction:    Iowa

Details of Alien Abduction:

I am nervous to even say anything. I don’t want to appear psychotic. I am a practical/rational person in society. In school I am an A student. Last year I (actually didn’t write down the dates) but I am sure it happened in September. The weather was nice and warm. One day when I was playing outside with my son the wind started to blow. It was warm and it blew these beautiful orange leaves from the trees. It was almost magical. The sky was not clear but there was no sign of rain. Later that night in bed I had an experience that was almost dream like. There were beings and they told me that I was pregnant and that no one would notice. They told me they would be back. I shrugged this off as a dream. Three days later another experience. I gave birth to aliens, 3 and all different. One I can remember specifically. It looked like a typical alien. Pale green, big eyes. It was really cute. It was telepathic and its fingertips would glow as well as his mouth maybe signaling that it was hungry because that is what it was telling me. I remember a larger alien coming and taking the infant aliens. One I was not fond of. It was hairy and sort of mean. Each time these “dreams” happened I was in my room, nothing was out of place and nothing changed like in a regular dream. The only thing that resembled a dream was the fogginess. I went back to sleep in my “dream” experience.

About a month later I had another “dream”. This time I was brought onto a very large “space ship”. The aliens that I spoke to were serious, intelligent and appeared to be working with human people that appeared to be military. They gave me the option to stay or go. I chose to stay. I was given an injection and led to what seemed like a medical ward. I fell asleep. When I awoke I was fully pregnant again. I was surrounded by other girls who seemed to be participants in what was going on. They too were pregnant. Some were giving birth and some were in strait jackets and screaming. It was almost disturbing so I left the room. I was put in another room where I was to give birth.

This time I gave birth to twin girls. Human. The difference with them was that they were extremely intelligent and their growth was rapid. I was placed in another room where I was alone and then a doctor came in to tell me that one of the girls had an infection. I got to see her once and then they told me I had to leave. The environment did not change as a regular dream does and I even slept. I am just concerned about this because I don’t dream like this. I think they have been coming to me lately because yesterday morning when I woke up I felt drugged / drunk but I could talk normally. I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. I have had experiences since I was small. My mom has even had an experience and I was with her. I do believe in aliens because the idea of us being the most intelligent beings in a universe that can be described as infinity seems ignorant. I have one more experience that happened when I was a teen. I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and these beings came and held something over my abdomen that had a red light. It was warm. I was begging them to stop and not to take what they said they were taking. My baby. If I was actually pregnant and this really happened, if this was not a dream, I was not very far along. This may seem stupid but this is what happened and when I awoke, it was as if I was never asleep. My abdomen was warm and I was laying belly up with no blankets. I started my cycle that day. Those are my experiences.


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