Alien Abduction Story and Pregnancy in Iowa

Alien Abduction Story and Pregnancy in Iowa

One of our readers from Iowa, Nicole, just shared her experience with alien abductions on our report page. Thank you Nicole for being so open with your story.

We often hear stories of young women being abducted and impregnated by alien visitors, and Nicole’s account from her experience in September of 2010 about these very vivid dreams are very similar to ones we have heard in the past.  Particularly compelling is the idea of giving birth to triplet alien babies and a UFO spaceship room full of young women acting as a pregnancy ward in an alien outpost hospital.

Readers, please take a look at Nicole’s story and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Alien Abduction Story from Iowa

Name:     Nicole

Email:    Confidential

Date & Time of Alien Abduction:    Sept. 2010

Place of Abduction:    Iowa

Details of Alien Abduction:

I am nervous to even say anything. I don’t want to appear psychotic. I am a practical/rational person in society. In school I am an A student. Last year I (actually didn’t write down the dates) but I am sure it happened in September. The weather was nice and warm. One day when I was playing outside with my son the wind started to blow. It was warm and it blew these beautiful orange leaves from the trees. It was almost magical. The sky was not clear but there was no sign of rain. Later that night in bed I had an experience that was almost dream like. There were beings and they told me that I was pregnant and that no one would notice. They told me they would be back. I shrugged this off as a dream. Three days later another experience. I gave birth to aliens, 3 and all different. One I can remember specifically. It looked like a typical alien. Pale green, big eyes. It was really cute. It was telepathic and its fingertips would glow as well as his mouth maybe signaling that it was hungry because that is what it was telling me. I remember a larger alien coming and taking the infant aliens. One I was not fond of. It was hairy and sort of mean. Each time these “dreams” happened I was in my room, nothing was out of place and nothing changed like in a regular dream. The only thing that resembled a dream was the fogginess. I went back to sleep in my “dream” experience.

About a month later I had another “dream”. This time I was brought onto a very large “space ship”. The aliens that I spoke to were serious, intelligent and appeared to be working with human people that appeared to be military. They gave me the option to stay or go. I chose to stay. I was given an injection and led to what seemed like a medical ward. I fell asleep. When I awoke I was fully pregnant again. I was surrounded by other girls who seemed to be participants in what was going on. They too were pregnant. Some were giving birth and some were in strait jackets and screaming. It was almost disturbing so I left the room. I was put in another room where I was to give birth.

This time I gave birth to twin girls. Human. The difference with them was that they were extremely intelligent and their growth was rapid. I was placed in another room where I was alone and then a doctor came in to tell me that one of the girls had an infection. I got to see her once and then they told me I had to leave. The environment did not change as a regular dream does and I even slept. I am just concerned about this because I don’t dream like this. I think they have been coming to me lately because yesterday morning when I woke up I felt drugged / drunk but I could talk normally. I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. I have had experiences since I was small. My mom has even had an experience and I was with her. I do believe in aliens because the idea of us being the most intelligent beings in a universe that can be described as infinity seems ignorant. I have one more experience that happened when I was a teen. I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and these beings came and held something over my abdomen that had a red light. It was warm. I was begging them to stop and not to take what they said they were taking. My baby. If I was actually pregnant and this really happened, if this was not a dream, I was not very far along. This may seem stupid but this is what happened and when I awoke, it was as if I was never asleep. My abdomen was warm and I was laying belly up with no blankets. I started my cycle that day. Those are my experiences.


Our readers are sharing so many incredible alien abduction stories and UFO sightings with us. We want to thank everyone that has submitted their story. Also, if you haven’t shared your encounter with our readers, we invite you to submit your reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions on our report page.


  1. ibelieve

    Seems like they used you As a temporary incubator but i believe that is real but someone else would say your mind was just playing games on you .. but i believe

  2. cdubb

    hey Nicole my name is Mike and I live in Des Moines Iowa and I have seen some pretty weird stuff in my life time but I can never remember dreaming of it but i would really like to talk to you and get to know you mabye I can exchange some crazy stories with you… Have you ever been watched by owls?? This always seems to Happen to me right when a sighting is going on !

    • Denise

      Funny, I’ve never seen an owl around the time of a sighting, but as I’m searching online for other “experiencers” in my area, I find this post and there is an owl hooting outside my window.

      • Nicole

        There is a reason he saw owls. He watches too much tv.

  3. lisa

    wow! glad i read that thanks for sharing. i have felt that ive been pregnant but thought i was imagining because it didnt take long and didnt show. i havnt had the “dreams” so i wasnt sure. now i wonder…

  4. Revvie

    I recently became pregnant, but it isn’t the first time I’ve had strange vivid dreams about aliens. I am always around other women, and the last dream was frightening. They told me that the baby was going to be replaced, and not to worry because it would still be born. A shell, of some sort, but they were taking that one, and I wouldn’t know the difference. It was a large white bluish room- I didn’t look around much but I remember a screen being on the wall- just like flat in the walls, and one rail, a few tables very plain. I don’t remember much now- but I remember them telling me it wasn’t my baby, it was everyones. Very frightening dream, I woke very distressed later. I had bruises that were straight lines on my upper arm/shoulder about a week before that dream, they appeared in my sleep. Just wanted to contribute, not that it matters much now. I don’t think about it much now since I’ve still got my fetus and its going to be a hybrid anyways- and I thought the ‘aliens’ were too humanlike, besides the not talking- and besides one who I don’t know why but I just didn’t look at it.

  5. nickbrigden

    Hi Nicole,

    I am writing to you on behalf of Zero Point Zero Productions Inc. and Discovery Channel Networks who are currently in co-production on a 6-part documentary series that will explore first-hand accounts of extraterrestrial contact.

    Our goal for this documentary series is to bring the contact and abduction experience into a new light and to a broad audience. In the past, many television programs on this subject have ridiculed researchers and abductees/contactees, and “debunked” the contact experience as fantasy or delusion .Our intention is to show that there is a real, global phenomenon happening. Further, we will look at how this experience has changed the lives of the abductee/contactee and explore why this might be happening to them.

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about this compelling television series.

    Please email me if you may be interested.

    abductiongroup @ yahoo. com

    Many Thanks,
    Nick Brigden
    Executive Producer

  6. maria

    It sounds like dreams, that’s it. I don’t believe you were ever giving birth to alien babies. The story doesn’t seem realistic. People are watching way too many movies these days. 

    You all need some kind of help. Some of you have daddy issues. Owls? Are you serious? You got that from a movie. Get real.

  7. Kevin hardy

    Early march 2012 I was awakened by the screams for help coming from my sons bedroom, Corey age 10 and Lucas age 4,it was about 1 o’clock in the morning .when I made it to the room I found them standing on the bed rambling on about a blue light and an object outside, none of what they were telling me was making any sense, after they calmed down I got the full story, my son Corey said they were lying in bed talking, joking around unable to sleep. When they suddenly seen a blue light on the bedroom wall making a perfect circle shape, to their left. They then said the circle just sort of blew up or expanded turning the entire room blue before everything turned bright white , causing them to be blinded by it with a deafening ringing in their ears. My son Corey said to me that his eyes were open the entire time but everything was blinding white, lasting for just a few seconds, yet they heard no noise at all. Corey says as soon as he could see he jumped to the window telling our 4 year old to stay down on the bed. Corey says he pulled the shade and looked down at the sidewalk thinking it was a prank by teenagers , that’s when he says he seen a small disk like craft slowly going across the street in between the post office and a church, about as high as the street lights it was in the parking lot making a left turn to go behind the post office when it angled itself upwards then shot into the sky. That’s when he screamed for help. I got angry with them after that, I said some things I regret now and forced them to go back to bed. He brought it up the next morning but I said that’s enough BS and to not go around telling people this. We dropped it and that was the end of it. Few weeks later my wife and I was up late with Corey when we were outside his bedroom door when we heard clearly someone moving around before it bumped into a toy causing it to move loudly on the wood floor. All of our kids were sleeping in the living room that night, so we open the door right away and don’t see anything, so I take out my new iPod touch 4th gen and turn it on to take pictures thinking we may have a ghost and that’s when as we stood there looking at the viewfinder together we see with our own eyes what looks like a skinny small child crouched on the floor trying to hide. As we looked away from the screen and into the spot where it is at, we see nothing but an empty space among the toys on the floor. I run and get my son corey to go in the room with me while my wife turns her ipod on. I get back seconds later with Corey and we walk inside a few feet and sit down to record what we just thought was a ghost child. We don’t hear or see anything until we review the audio and photos. What’s captured on the photos is exactly what we thought was a skinny child ghost, the shadowy reptile like figures, I didn’t see but on the full video my wife loudly remarks as we are standing there that she sees shadowy movement. Upon review of the video and audio we notice a loud bug like croaking or clicking as I take that first stem inside the room, followed by a clear “we cannot let them know”. You’ll hear that with no problem. The figure with the large head looks like it has pinchers or crab like claws. We knew nothing of the topic until after this event, our search has revealed that there have been numerous abduction cases with this exact type of hand or claw. We also found that our photo the large headed being has some sort of bone ridges above its eyes, surprising to us this is also a detail claimed by many but unknown to all of us. We also found on our video yet unseen to our eyes a blue light bar zipping out of the room as we are about to leave the room it was at the top of video shooting at an angle where the wall meets the ceiling. We have moved twice since and record our kids in bed all night with Sony night vision camcorders, upgrading to A nice dvr system with taxes. We haven’t seen anything again in our home, all 7 of us cowered in a room to sleep together until just recently over this, yet we still at time huddle in the living room when we feel uneasy about being alone. All my life I have never seen a UFO, after this we watched the sky nearly nightly and that’s when I seen my first object, my wife was outside on the phone here with her sister so I go out to hang out, and not long after getting out front my wife yells for me to look at that thing coming into view from across the street above the trees, it passed right over our home and we watched it slowly go all the way across town, it was a large boomerang object with soft orange glowing lights under neath. Identical to the ones just recently reported in Montana. I don’t think they were outside in the sky for us, I honestly think they go inside all of our homes but like their crafts they too can be invisible , cloaked unseen by our own eyes. Because the noise they made as I enter the room it shows up very loud on my analyzer yet I didn’t hear a thing at the time. We sat down and brainstormed together and can’t recall ever being abducted or seeing a blue light or a UFO, my son Corey only recalls a dream about being inside a room, shiny chrome like sitting on a bench unable to see clearly from feeling groggy. But we can’t say for sure it’s connected to anything extraterrestrial, but it does make us wonder. I will email my evidence to everyone who contacts me.


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