Alien Abductions: Story of Tammy Stone

Alien Abductions: Story of Tammy Stone

Although they sound like someone goofing around playing an April Fool’s trick, actual alien abduction stories as told by those who experience them seem so realistic that even the most skeptical among us might admit to the possibility that aliens do exist and for reasons only known to these beings, they kidnap some people in very strange circumstances.

One such strange alien abduction story is that of Tammy Stone, a 24 year old young woman whose encounter is quite moving. She claims to have undergone a real alien abduction near Waco, Texas in March 1973.

Working as a waitress in a restaurant that was located about 30 miles from Waco, Texas, Tammy was leaving work after her late night shift when she was driving home to her apartment at about 2:00 AM. She had driven for about 15 minutes on a lonely stretch of the road when she suddenly developed a strange feeling just like one feels in a dream or when one is drugged. Her ears began hurting. She felt like all she could hear was her car’s engine.

Tammy Stone alien abductionIn a short period of time, she became lightheaded and dizzy. All of a sudden, she then developed a violent form of vertigo that was accompanied by an acute feeling of nausea.  These things led to feelings of serious sickness, but after a while, Stone was finally able to make it back to her apartment. Strange enough, she realized that she had actually lost about 3 hours of her life without any memory or explanation.  During the subsequent days, Tammy continued to experience a number of clear and disturbing dreams that seemed to fit into the three lost hours like parts of a jigsaw puzzle.

In her alien abduction dreams, Tammy repeatedly saw two strange, small figures approaching her car. They stopped her car’s engine and made the lights turn off. The beings drew closer, and according to Stone, they were both standing within five feet of her and appeared possessed. Their faces and cheeks were thin. They were dressed in a light bluish uniform with very tight fitting caps. Sitting in the car alone with a heady mixture of fear and awe, she watched as one of the figures moved to her car door and dragged her by wrists and ankles to an awaiting spacecraft.

After being hauled into the alien’s craft, Tammy felt the pair stripping off her clothing and putting her firmly on a cold hard table while five or six other similar aliens stood beside her at the table. In her dreams, Tammy watched in horror as these beings placed a very cold metallic appliance into her right nostril and then removed after a few minutes. As the ordeal continued, Tammy says a small machine hovered over her like a giant eye and caused a humming sound that made her feel extremely sick. She then remembered the alien beings dressing her, lifting her back to her car where she proceeded on her journey home. Thus ended everything she could remember about her eerie alien abduction encounter.

Do you have  a similar alien abduction story? Please feel free to comment below.

alien abduction story of Tammy Stone


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  2. Warner Wainscott

    Hey all, brill info on this post. I’ve got to hand it to the writer. This was a great read.

  3. Xavier

    I don’t remember what happened but I woke up in a flash while in bed and would have dreams of eyes just looking at me in light then the light would get brighter then I would wake up. Feeling like I just was dropped and my ears would be ringing. I really don’t know what it means please comment.

    • MATT


  4. mike

    Sounds alot like a porno * than they undressed me * lol

  5. MATT


  6. Bruce Crider

    I don’t think I was abducted but I was visited by what has been described as ” grays ” back in 1995. I was asleep with my wife upstairs and I was awoke to very bright lights coming through solid pull down blinds. I thought someone had pulled into the driveway with their brights on and auxiliary lighting due to the brightness. I went to get out of bed to investigate and I couldn’t move. I started freaking out. I really tried with all my might and couldn’t move a finger. I tried to wake my wife lying next to me but I could not speak either. All I could move was my eyes. I had this real feeling that something was coming for me. Something evil like Lucifer himself. Then I saw this alien coming up the stairs in my mind. Moving real slow and cautious as if feeble. My heart feeling like it was going to explode from terror. The alien appeared in the doorway of our bedroom right on cue with the vision in my head. It was a tall grey get this it was wearing a cape. I know! It was a long metallic one with a tall collar standing straight up about 10″. By that time my heart rate was off the charts and I blacked out. When I awoke the next morning my wife wasn’t lying there beside me and I started yelling for her and ran through the house thinking they had abducted her. She was in the kitchen making coffee and she was asking what was wrong and I told her and she said it was just a bad dream. I asked the neighbors if they saw the bright lights and they said no. I had a bump on my right arm afterwards and it finally went away but still have a discoloration where it used to be. It’s a constant reminder of that night. I am always in fear of another visit and why they chose me. As a christian it freaks me out thinking that I’ve been some how tainted by this. What the heck did they do to me? I went to a dermatologist to have a skin issue looked at and she said that my skin is over reactive to irritations such insect bites and even ingrown hairs. The upside is that serious wounds heal really fast. I did not have this condition before the visit by the extraterrestrial Elvis.

    • mary tracy

      you were definitely abducted.

    • emma

      that is a really creepy story. maybe you should go to the doctor and have u checked out for any other stuff like scars or something.

      • KAYLA


        • Mary

          he was.

      • Francine

        Wow, why don’t u go to a professional hypnotist?? And see what they come up with???

    • Rose

      @Bruce, you were probably abducted for sure. I have had a similar experience. I am sure I have been taken several times in my lifetime. I have seen 7 UFO’s that I remember, maybe more. They have come to get me before. I never remember what happens, although one vivid dream I had like no other before left me thinking that maybe they do come get me still today. It was as though I was really there and they have been using me to do things for them and training me to fly spaceships for years. I seem to know something about the capabilities of their crafts. I do not ever remember a bad experience, thank God, but I am afraid when the come. Just the same as you were. Also, I am sure they took my son as well. He remembers when they took us one time when he was only 3 years old. The strange thing about it is, I remember seeing the craft about 600 yards away and he remembers seeing me looking up at the light shining down on us and my hair blowing from the wind. Like I said, this same thing cannot just happen to so many people and be a dream that seems so true. I used to wait for them to come get me looking out my window at night when I was a child as though I knew they were coming and I couldn’t wait to fly the ship! When I was 9 I saw a ship in daylight along with two of my very close friends. They never forgot that day and neither have I. I never told anyone about knowing that they were always there when I was a child, not until now. I’m telling you. I guess I am just wondering what all of this is about now that I am getting older. I am 53 years old, and maybe they still come get me sometimes. I don’t know, I don’t really want to know. All I know is, I cannot sleep at night, I do not like my closet door open, I have a problem with people that think they are not real, and I am able to make them come and fly over if I want to see the ships. They can and do make them appear and disappear. I have quit a few stories to tell that seems to prove that I am sure I have been abducted, but I hate to be labeled an idiot by unbelievers.

    • mackenzie

      i have had an abduction too…but t wasnt in the was in pure daytime i was driving to my cousins and i had the feeling of being drugged also like she said and all i could see was fuzziness. i kept hearing that long flat beep noise in my ears and it pierced my ears it was so loud. i looked around and i couldnt tell really but what isaw was it look like clouds but a much darker color . it appeared to be moving in a very slow motion and i didnt knnow what it was so i continued driving but my eyesight was still fuzzy. then it felt like almost a paranormal presence like aas if someone came and swifted past me and put their hhand on my shoulder. next thing i new my car was stopped and i regained consiousness and the dark clouds dissapearreeed.

    • Carol

      You couldn’t move? That is something called sleep paralysis.

    • Kendall

      Bruce! I found your story very interesting. Would you be willing to do a phone interview for a radio show tonight 8-17-2011.

  7. Mark

    Interesting account. Not to seem impertinent, but I read of an interesting little factoid about alien behavior that has been reported by some abductees in that humans are known for “showing their teeth” whether smiling or in anger. Apparently, aliens finds this trait fascinating.

    • Alien Abductions Exposed

      Mark, I find the idea that aliens are interested in humans “showing their teeth” fascinating. Haven’t read any of those abductee encounters. Thanks for sharing!

  8. emma

    alienz r creepy but i know they’re out there

  9. Benny G.

    Bruce, I figured this shit out a long time ago..They are protecting their investment..Their payoff is when the abductee dies…Your soul they want..Just like they want mine…They want us to learn as much as we can while we are alive to be usefull after we are gone..

    • Ancient

      That does not make the least bit of sense. o_o Aliens are not here to hurt us. They are here to help us remember who we are and how we came here. It’s all connected and we’ll soon find out everything later.

  10. A very worried mother

    My daughter just recently turned four a couple months. She has these two two scab bumps that keep coming back on the sides of her upper hips. We kept on asking her ” honey, what are doing stop scratching that. She never had an answer for us till recently. Her father asked tonight after her bath”why are scratching it. Stop it. She told her daddy i can’t the man comes in my room and takes me down stairs and pokes me in my side. We started asking a series of questions. Nothing leading her to an answer because we did not even have an answer or even a ideas as what is going on. We ask were is mommy and daddy she tells us we are sleeping. You don’t hear the man mommy when he comes or see him???? What happens when you go down stairs? He tells me its ok and i go with him and i don’t remeber but he pokes my side and it hurts. Ok i know you are thinking she’s four she’s making it up, yes sometimes she does tell a little lie here and there like she ate chocolate and says no but evidence is on the mouth. But she is to little to make such a story. Not to mention one night i woke up out of a dead sleep and heard two “somethings” talking in my upstairs hallway. It was a language i have never heard. My heart sank into my butt and just as i am getting up to run to my girls room there is this overwhelming sleep mode. I jsf pass out thus has happened two times. My husband thinks I’m nuts wont say it but his face says it all. My oldest 15 yr old son refuses to sleep with his closet door opened and says he does not know why it creeps him out. He sags he closes the door but when he wakes up in the middle if the night it’s open and the doors that slide But oldest daughter used to sleep with head toward the closet door and has recently changed her way of sleeping and requests to close closet door to before she sleeps. Can someone give some answers. Why closet doors? And would “poke” her??? I have this feeling that only mothers can understand that something is wrong real wrong. Please any help us welcome. Sorry for spellng errors but im using my phone to type this so the mr thinks im more nutso the. He already does

  11. Simona

    this story sounds slightly too fictional ,is it true?
    At some times (not all the time) i tend to get up at the same time every night (around 1-2AM) with a feeling of fear or panic and it’s hard to get back to sleep I hide under the duvet,I also fear clear sky at night it makes me think that I’ll see something i shouldnt I always shut my curtains and cover mirrors I don’t have an explanation for it i can only relate it to one inccident when i was a teen ,but nothing bad happened than …
    I also have dreams from time to time about flying sourcers invading earth and i’d be hiding in my room with curtains shut ,or big lights in the sky that would abduct me ,yet again i would be hiding under the duvet or behind curtains but it wouldnt help…

    • Simona

      I’m not going to claim that I was learning how to drive a space craft or have visited ET’s home planet dats utter exaggeration,but I believe there’s a lot of people with strange incidents similar to mine here’s my story…mAYBE SOMEONE WILL BE KIND ENOUGH TO COMMENT BACK!
      when i was around 5 years old i used to look up in the sky and waited for someone to come and get me I used to talk to “IT” while sitting near the window looking in the sky at night and used to write some weird signs i don’t remember off and let the sheet of papers out in the wind thinkin “IT” would read it and get back to me…I remember my grandad (who passed away 10 years ago) showed me ice comet with a tail that only shows up in our skies every decade or so ..i was very fascinated by it ..Yet from then on I don’t remember my childhood too well until I was around 12 years old and the weirdest thing happened to me :
      I used to sleep with my nan and she used to leave the window and the curtains open .One night I felt my body starting to move by itself as if someone was making me sit down lifting my upper body up I was trying to wake my nan up and shout to her but I couldnt move or talk and as i opened my eyes (whatever made me move made my head face the window) I saw this massive very bright beam of light (SHAPED LIKE A FULL MOON) in the sky just above our neighbours roof I got so scarred I managed to hide under the duvet and I prayed to Jesus Christ (we were Catholics and my nan used to make me pray every night)like i never meant it I was soo hot and couldnt breathe but i prayed and waited willing dat “Thing” would have dissapeared after an hour i gathered all my courage and stuck my head out and it wasnt there ,I saw the full moon in the sky and a bright beam of light near it I thought maybe God helped me to get this thing away from me …When i told my nan in the morning she just laughed and said she slept very well that night …I didn’t feel like that thing was evil but it was just the fear or experiencing something dat is unknown to human mind ,I never slept in dat room again for a long time after that I used to get up every night same time and I had a dream of two greys taking me into they space craft showing me around we were communicating by mind and I wasnt scared of them ,but it was just a dream ,Now I’m 21 years of age and i do have a phobia of clear sky as I said and cover my mirror and shut the curtains at night if the sky is cloudy at night then i sleep well !

  12. Im not sure of whats happening?

    I’ll always feel very weird when im in my room alone or outside at night. Im not saying i have been abducted or even seen any aliens. I can just relate to “my world stopping” like it feels that time stops but i can still see and barely move, my ears like tingle. And usually when i get very scared my eyes start to water and my stomach drops, i get that feeling a lot. I just wish i knew the truth cause if i did i would not be worried while sleeping if someone is watching me

  13. Some Teen

    I feel scared in the middle of the night when I wake up. Strangely paniced. Expecially if I can see a mirror or my closet door opened. I can’t even sleep with my bathroom door opened anymore. I don’t have any weird markings on my skin except a couple of bruises. This is freaking me out though. Does anyone have an answer for this? Am I being abducted?

  14. Mischa

    You know how you have scattered memories of your first years? Well I don’t know my exact age but when I used to live in Texas as a child I went outside and began to stare at the sky. It was daylight and a massive craft descended down. It was massive and had many lights and windows and it had sections which rotated around- I guess that’s how it flew. That’s all I remember. I’ve had this memory ever since I could remember. Since that I have frequent dreams of beings coming into my room and taking me to their craft. I don’t what this means. And why is one of my first memories of a space craft if I didn’t know what aliens were until I was five?

  15. hether

    All I know is I believe in this, and if you don’t then you will see SOON!!!!!

  16. Snappy111

    I have faint dreams or memories of very creepy things, and I’m not sure if it is reality or just a dream I had.

    So one of my dreams or memories is I am on this weird planet. It is desert like outside and there are these ships flying around and one landed and all of these humanoid species are walking out like they are mind controlled. And this purple colored alien comes out, and it is exactly like a gray alien but it is purple. Then during that I am inside of this building where weirdly there are what you could say check-in boxes and I don’t remember the rest.

    The next dream or memory I have is I remember being in this building that has many different rooms, and they are all connected and it’s like a basement. It was dark yet it had a green light shining throughout the whole building. I remember running through the rooms and every couple rooms I would see these creatures like monsters or aliens, and I would just freak out and run to a different room.
    Both of these encounters happened when I was around 5 or 8, and I remember waking up with these imprints on my chest that are lines in a certain form like a painting, but it was a symbol, and after a while it would disappear. Since then I guess every couple of weeks or so I would wake up in the middle of the night around 1 or 2 for some reason and I would either be afraid and stay in my bed or walk across my room going in circles. I think from then on I have been afraid of creatures in the dark, and being in water where you can’t see the bottom. Also last night I saw this pencil shaped white creature run past my porch window, and then I heard tapping then I freaked out and ran upstairs.

  17. Ancient

    In the past, I’ve had dreams that have come true. I’ve had dreams that have taken me to other worlds. Specifically, there was one dream where I had to leave Earth to watch over a travel center (can’t exactly remember the name). The land resembled the desert land in our world except it was pack full of of different aliens from all over the universe. I was kind of reminded of Star Wars. And there were hover crafts for vehicles. A man named Raas wanted me to watch over the place as the next guardian…. He wore a red robe and his bedroom looked very antique. Four poster bed. Desk with a very old Television set on it. One window. In the end, I couldn’t do it because I missed Earth — my home so much. I woke up to his last words but I can’t recall what they were even though it felt very important.
    Anyway, in my heart, I don’t feel that the aliens are here to hurt us in any way. They abduct to keep track of their children’s health and record history. Ever since I was little, I always questioned the universe and I always wondered why no one else did… I would look at myself in the mirror and just comprehend how weird the human species looked. It feels like a role playing game.

  18. Joyce

    I’m wondering if anybody has any issues now? I know someone who cannot remember anything but a slight memeory when he was a child of feeling like he was somewhere and woke up after falling back into his bed. Now it’s 15 years later and street lights just blow out when he walks by? Any one else have those incidents?

  19. Joyce Quinlan

    There was an incident when my son was around 4 or 5 years old. I cannot remember what happened before the moment of looking out the window of his bedroom at the bright clear
    Texas sky. I do remember thinking/feeling someone or thing was watching me. I also remember my feeling someone had or was trying to take my little boy. It is 16 years later and my son and I talked about it again for the first time. I never wanted to bring it up to him after that night, because I really didn’t know how to approach a little boy whom might not remember, or think Mom was crazy. Why scare or put thoughts into his mind that might frighten him?
    He mentioned at one of our bonfires recently that whenever he passes a street light, it goes out. Not every time, but a lot of the times. I found this interesting and wondered if there was a connection to that one night in Texas? We ended up talking privately and to my astonishment, he remembers that night quite clearly. He said he remembers falling back into his bed, and that is all. I remember after that night for several months, scared and worried about my son in his room at night and would check on him frequently. Those Texas skies are beautiful, but also so mysterious, especially when it is a clear starry night. I will never forget and always wonder, if and what happened? Do they still watch my son? And what is really weird, is that I had 3 other children in the house, but my feeling was always so strong that they only wanted this child. Odd?


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