Although they sound like someone goofing around playing an April Fool’s trick, actual alien abduction stories as told by those who experience them seem so realistic that even the most skeptical among us might admit to the possibility that aliens do exist and for reasons only known to these beings, they kidnap some people in very strange circumstances.

One such strange alien abduction story is that of Tammy Stone, a 24 year old young woman whose encounter is quite moving. She claims to have undergone a real alien abduction near Waco, Texas in March 1973.

Working as a waitress in a restaurant that was located about 30 miles from Waco, Texas, Tammy was leaving work after her late night shift when she was driving home to her apartment at about 2:00 AM. She had driven for about 15 minutes on a lonely stretch of the road when she suddenly developed a strange feeling just like one feels in a dream or when one is drugged. Her ears began hurting. She felt like all she could hear was her car’s engine.

Tammy Stone alien abductionIn a short period of time, she became lightheaded and dizzy. All of a sudden, she then developed a violent form of vertigo that was accompanied by an acute feeling of nausea.  These things led to feelings of serious sickness, but after a while, Stone was finally able to make it back to her apartment. Strange enough, she realized that she had actually lost about 3 hours of her life without any memory or explanation.  During the subsequent days, Tammy continued to experience a number of clear and disturbing dreams that seemed to fit into the three lost hours like parts of a jigsaw puzzle.

In her alien abduction dreams, Tammy repeatedly saw two strange, small figures approaching her car. They stopped her car’s engine and made the lights turn off. The beings drew closer, and according to Stone, they were both standing within five feet of her and appeared possessed. Their faces and cheeks were thin. They were dressed in a light bluish uniform with very tight fitting caps. Sitting in the car alone with a heady mixture of fear and awe, she watched as one of the figures moved to her car door and dragged her by wrists and ankles to an awaiting spacecraft.

After being hauled into the alien’s craft, Tammy felt the pair stripping off her clothing and putting her firmly on a cold hard table while five or six other similar aliens stood beside her at the table. In her dreams, Tammy watched in horror as these beings placed a very cold metallic appliance into her right nostril and then removed after a few minutes. As the ordeal continued, Tammy says a small machine hovered over her like a giant eye and caused a humming sound that made her feel extremely sick. She then remembered the alien beings dressing her, lifting her back to her car where she proceeded on her journey home. Thus ended everything she could remember about her eerie alien abduction encounter.

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alien abduction story of Tammy Stone